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The One Thing You Should Be Looking For When You Buy Meat

Photo by EPIC Provisions
July 18, 2017

Making food choices hasn't been simple since before the dawn of the internet age. You want to make informed decisions about what fruit to buy organic, what probiotics to invest in, and what meat you can actually feel good about putting in your body—and feeding to the people you love. But comparing and contrasting everything from location to the treatment of livestock to the size of the farm can be so overwhelming you start to wonder if it'd be easier just to go vegetarian.

Fortunately, there's one meat option that covers all the bases, so you can feel good about what you're eating every single time. It's called regenerative meat, and it's way cooler (and way less I, Robot) than it sounds.

Regenerative meat is part of the larger movement of regenerative agriculture—which harnesses the natural powers of large ruminants (like cows, bison, sheep, and goats) to ferment plants through special microbial action. That special skill makes their manure incredibly valuable as fertilizer. Even cooler (or, OK, just as cool) is the natural soil aeration provided by the hoofs of these animals. When working in tandem, this fertilizer and aeration stimulates the symbiotic biological elements of healthy grass and soil in ways no man-made tool ever could. (Mind blown, right?)

Photo: Jordi Rulló

Beyond that, regenerative agriculture also has the capability to heal previously damaged lands by increasing biodiversity and promoting naturally thriving ecosystems. In fact, it can even make up for earlier destruction of our earth’s atmosphere, as healthy grass from holistically managed land can actually remove carbon dioxide from our air (yes, really)—meaning it can actually decelerate the effects of climate change. If that’s not convincing, we don’t know what is.

Regenerative ranching is predicated on the beliefs that animal welfare is paramount, and that nature has provided everything necessary to cultivate healthy food. So, how do you know if meat is regenerative? Well, you can always ask a restaurant or food company if their meat is regenerative, but if you want to remove the potential for uncertainty altogether, look to EPIC.

Photo: EPIC Provisions

EPIC Provisions was founded with the goal of providing socially and environmentally conscious meat products with full transparency and honesty. With a page on their website devoted to the EPIC Honesty Pledge, which draws an actual picture of their supply chain, there's no room for doubt that EPIC products check all the boxes for the conscientious consumer.

This might just be the future of food.