Weekly Horoscope: Get Ready, Because Your Loftiest Goals Just Might Become Reality

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On Thursday, Saturn goes direct—and it's the perfect time to put plans back in motion.

If ambitious plans seemed to hit a snag over the past five months, don't abandon hope! The astrological embargo lifts this Thursday, September 6, as taskmaster Saturn rouses from a sleepy retrograde that began on April 17. The ringed planet's backspin is an annual event, but this is the first time since the early ‘90s that the retrograde is taking place in Capricorn, Saturn's home sign. He's been cooling his Prada-loafer-shod heels there since December 19, 2017—and this newish three-year cycle is serving us double-strength Saturn vibes until December 17, 2020. Elevate those standards! At its finest, Saturn in Capricorn is a master of integrity that helps us build a solid foundation for success so we can feed the family dynasty for generations to come. But no unreliable contractors allowed for this build! As the astrological architect, Saturn wants us to work with the creme de la creme.

While retrograde for the past four months, Saturn may have forced a design review, stalling progress while inspecting every corner and insisting upon protocol. This astrological audit wasn't what one would describe as fun (grrr). But with Saturn's positive pivot this Thursday, it's time to embrace the challenge of developing our dreams to the highest standard possible. Get ready: The bar will be raised even higher in the days ahead. Don't get sidelined by what the "competition" is up to. There's always going to be someone doing it better, faster or on a grander scale. Let them serve as inspiration instead of a discouraging ideal. For those who are willing to proceed slowly and masterfully, Saturn in Capricorn can be a major career booster. As the week progresses, certain pieces of the puzzle may start to fall back into place. The people with the power to green-light a project will finally return to their desks and answer your queries. Who knows? That perfectly scripted pitch email may have been sitting in someone's junk mail since April! Time to follow up—but come correct with an even stronger presentation, like a beautiful PDF deck or an invitation to meet for a fancy power lunch.

On Sunday, a new moon in Virgo will inspire us to get organized for fall.

Of course, doing amazing work does not necessarily mean doing more (and more after that). Embrace the minimalist ethos starting Wednesday as strategic Mercury buzzes into its home sign of Virgo and directs us to streamline and simplify until September 21. This Sunday the 9th, the annual new moon in Virgo amplifies Mercury's efforts. Don't be surprised if the urge strikes to KonMari every corner of your life! Fling open cupboards, closets and storage spaces and give all those "stuff and things" a scathing review. If it doesn't "spark joy" as Japanese efficiency expert Marie Kondo advises, let it go. If you can't bear to drop it off at the thrift shop, gift it to a friend (as long as you KNOW they'll appreciate it). Wellness is earthy Virgo's domain, and the new moon could launch your fall fitness routine. And since Virgo loves to monitor data, a fitness tracker could become the ultimate autumn accessories. As temperatures cool in the Northern Hemisphere, warm the body with more cooked foods—or "heat"-producing ingredients like garlic and ginger. Staying in tune with your body keeps you grounded on planet Earth.

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Venus also moves into Scorpio this Sunday, which could make sparks fly (in a good way).

This Sunday, September 9, also features a sign change for vixen Venus, who slinks into seductive Scorpio for an extra-long journey—until early 2019, on and off, due to a retrograde fromOctober 5 to November 16. This sultry cycle can bring good times in the boudoir for sure. But creating sparks isn't just about rubbing two objects together to create friction. This soul-merging Venus cycle demands that every box be ticked, from mind to body to spirit...to past-life recognition! Shhhh! Venus in Scorpio likes to keep a firm privacy policy in place. No need to break Instagram by posting a mysterious ring photo.

And you don't even need tell a soul about your sexy escapades. Keep them tucked in the vault, at least for a while, and enjoy a scintillating secret shared only with bae. One catch: Being TOO mysterious or hard to get could backfire, so maybe start sprinkling a breadcrumb trail for the object of your affections. Couples might make things rock-solid during this playing-for-keeps cycle, with precious gemstones and vows of lifelong fidelity. But make sure there's an equal dose of trust that comes along with the lust, otherwise, an attraction could come apart at the seams when Venus turns retrograde a month from now, on October 5. Lastly, don't give the green-eyed monster an all-access pass to your psyche. Leaving something to the imagination is one thing, but riling up jealousy? Don't even think about it!

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The AstroTwins
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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
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