This Easy Morning Hack Will Help You Feel Energized & Release Achy Feet

Photo by Miachel Breton

Here at mbg, we believe in Mindful Movement. In our video series, we’ll break down various moves designed to help you take care of your physical body and connect you to your emotional and spiritual self. For today, we break down how to feel more rooted in your whole body by releasing your plantar fascia and waking up your nervous system.

Foam rolling has taken off in wellness and beyond—and rightly so. Typically, foam rolling is seen as the ultimate recovery tool after a workout to relieve soreness and loosen tight muscles, and as the most common form of self-myofasical release (SMR), it's definitely more active than your standard stretching session—which is super important when it comes to taking care of our feet.

Apart from recovery and injury prevention, SMR is ideal for improving the body's mobility, flexibility, and circulation and for waking up the nervous system. And since certain parts of our feet are connected to our organs and body at large, stretching out the overworked fascia muscles in our feet is beneficial not just for our stride but for our overall health, too. Consider SMR for your feet like a massage but done anytime and any place.

We tapped trainer, self-proclaimed SMR lover, and founder of turmeric brand live 24k Minna Lee to show us a simple way to practice self-myofascial release on our feet with the simple use of a lacrosse or yoga ball. Watch the full video below to learn how to enhance foot health and start your mornings off with a boost of energy, sans caffeine.

Stuck in a chair all day? We've got just the move for you.

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