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10 Steps To Manifest Abundance

February 12, 2014

What's the one mindset shift that will improve your life forever?

Switch from a "scarcity" mindset to an "abundance" mindset.

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To me, having an abundance mindset means that you don’t treat others as competition; there's plenty to go around, and collaborating together can make everyone more successful. People who live in the scarcity mindset are suspicious, jealous and think that there's not enough money, success, etc. to go around.

Of course historically, scarcity was a reality, especially in times of famine and land ownership. Resources were limited, and either you had them or you didn't.

It's different today. I've outlined 10 simple things you can do today to start shifting your mindset. I guarantee this will change your life. It's changed mine.

1. In your career, don't be afraid of competition or like-minded businesses.

In fact, they can make the audience larger and bring more attention to all the businesses in that niche. For example, Coke AND Pepsi are making plenty of money with almost the exact same product (albeit a product I do not endorse!).

2. In health, think of abundance as healthful, fresh food.

You're surrounded by amazing, healthy food that is plentiful. Don't think of life as deprivation diet. Food is not an enemy.

3. Don't feel bad about other people's health accomplishments.

Just imagine that they'll share with you the key steps so you can reach your own health goals.

4. Think of love that you have as plentiful.

For example, the love that you give your children doesn't deplete your ability to also love your spouse or a friend.

5. Steer yourself away from fear and worry-inducing media like the evening news as much as possible.

Those perpetuate the scarcity mindset.

6. Think of time as plentiful, not running out.

So you can take a deep breath and take your time today.

7. Savor interdependence.

You are not alone. Ever.

8. Think of the opportunities and learning that you achieved from a hurtful experience.

For example, I remember in the 3rd grade when I got head lice after traveling to India. I remember the humiliation I felt when I was sent home from school that day and the taunting that came after for weeks. But I think about how I learned so much from that experience about mental toughness, about cultural sensitivity, and moving forward. You can honestly take any painful situation and think about all the things it brought you, rather than what it took away from you.

9. Share your "abundance" with others.

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of money, share with others. If you have great knowledge of a particular field, teach it freely.

10. Express gratitude.

Be thankful that you have so much and not worried about what someone else has.

Please let me know if you found this concept as life-changing as I did. If you've already tried this technique, how has it changed your life?

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Amy Shah, M.D.
Amy Shah, M.D.

Dr. Amy Shah is a double board certified MD with training from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard Universities. She was named one of mindbodygreen's Top 100 Women In Wellness to Watch in 2015 and has been a guest on many national and local media shows. She helps busy people transform their health by reducing inflammation and eating more plants, utalizing the power of the microbiome to help digestion, natural hormone balance and food sensitivities. She is an expert on intermittent fasting for women and has a 2 week guided group program.

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