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The Sparkling Water Obsession: 5 Recipes Based On Personality Type

April 08, 2021
Branded Content Editor
Image by SodaStream / mbg Contributor
April 08, 2021

There's nothing like a glass of sparkling water to enliven an ordinary moment, wake up our senses, and hydrate with total satisfaction. But as any bubbly water aficionado will tell you, all those cans and bottles aren't exactly eco-friendly, as new research predicts that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than sea life.

Lucky for us, SodaStream makes sure this sparkling water obsession of ours fits into our sustainable lifestyle. But with endless medleys of flavors, garnishes, and variations, how do you figure out which combo is quintessential "you"? Look no further—here are our favorite ways to add flair to your bubbly water...based on personality type:


The Nature-Lover

For the one who finds joy in their barefoot stroll to the mailbox, who uses their lunch hour to explore a nearby trail, and who has more plants than friends—your sparkling water is best enjoyed with muddled fruits, fresh herbs (probably from your garden), and spiced syrups. You're most excited that SodaStream supports a sustainable lifestyle. For those hot summer days, muddle watermelon, basil, and lime juice at the bottom of a glass, add ice, and top with sparkling water. For something a little more comforting (and sweet), muddle pears with cardamom syrup. Top it with bubbly water, garnish with a cinnamon stick, and say cheers to Mother Earth.


The Kid-at-Heart

The world needs more of you. You still go crazy over a curly straw, channel your inner NBA All-Star when you throw paper away, and can make any household chore a karaoke moment. Let's be honest; you enjoy your sparkling water best in the form of root beer. This homemade recipe makes for an interesting at-home project using sassafras root, and you love to get your hands dirty. Once you make your root beer concentrate, all you have to do is add carbonated water. Hooray for healthy root beer... But we know you're planning to make it an epic float.

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The Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly, you recharge by staying on top of the city's best drink, food, and atmosphere. You make the plans and bring the party. You live for conversations that flow deep into the night. And most of all, you know your beverages. For you, sparkling water is best enjoyed in an expertly crafted cocktail. Nothing plays on your love for bubbles better than a classic spritz: Mix your favorite aperitif with half Champagne, half sparkling water. With bottomless fizzy water à la SodaStream, classic cocktails have never been easier. And as a social butterfly, you've always wanted to tell your guests, "gin fizz, coming right up." 


The Worker-Bee

Let us say, we admire your ambition. You find yourself regularly wishing for more hours in the day. Your Google Calendar has more colors than the rainbow. You rise with the sun and fall asleep with your e-reader. And that's why you appreciate your sparkling water in the morning, as a classic accompaniment to your espresso. You may have seen it before and wondered what that sidecar is all about—bubbly water is used as a palate cleanser to sip before or after your espresso. But if you're looking for a more modern version... Mix your espresso with bubbly water and get after that morning paper. Espressoda, anyone?


The Artsy Type

You—the one who takes "weird" as a compliment, who thrifts on the weekends, who can't help but doodle in the margins of your speeding ticket—you like your sparkling water best as a flavorful Italian Cream Soda. Why? Because a good cream soda is an art form. First, prep your bubbles with your SodaStream. Then shake a flavored syrup with half-and-half and ice. Top the concoction with your fizzy water. Of course, knowing you, you'll appreciate this recipe we found for Neon Pink Italian Cream Sodas, made with the natural coloring and flavor of pitaya. Exotic? Attention-grabbing? Served with a classic maraschino cherry? You're into it.

A healthy obsession for mind, body, and spirit.

For us, the best obsessions are the healthy ones. And sparkling water really has it all... It's a healthy, fun way to hydrate our bodies. It's a blank canvas with variations that can always meet our changing moods. And of course, nothing makes our heart feel more fulfilled than living more sustainably with SodaStream. You see—sparkling water really speaks to the trifecta of wellness: body, mind, spirit. And we're all ears.

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