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5 Signs You Need A Yoga Retreat

Photo by Annie Carpenter's yogis yoga-kickin' it on the beach
February 4, 2014

Making the decision to take time off of work and spend money on a yoga retreat is a big one. The two questions we hear most are: How do I know if a yoga retreat is right for me? and How do I even find one?

That's where we can help! We're The Travel Yogi, an online community that helps you find your dream yoga and travel adventures around the world. We've dedicated ourselves to knowing each of the teachers and retreat locations we feature, in places as far-flung as Galapagos and Santorini.

If you're wondering whether or not it's time to open your heart and mind by embarking on a yoga adventure, here are five signs that you're ready for a retreat:

1. You're ready for a change in your exercise routine.

Just like in your practice at home, a yoga retreat is all about finding balance. Will yoga twice a day with one of our awesome teachers refine your body and practice? Absolutely. But we prefer to look at retreats as a chance to disconnect from your day to day, dive into yoga and dietary nourishment and reap the mind/body benefits. Getting “in shape” means so much more than shrinking your waistline.

2. You're ready to meet new yoga friends.

Think of a yoga retreat as a place to meet new friends! It's like a summer camp for big kids—except much cooler, more comfortable, with better activities (can anyone say “massage”?) and no cheesy camp songs. You and your fellow retreaters already have two things in common: a love of yoga and a love for travel. Is there a better foundation to build new friendships than a week of heart-opening and adventure?

3. You and your cell phone could use a vacation from each other.

We all know that our constant technological "connectedness" can cause a lot of stress. Find out how surprising it is to wake up refreshed with the sunrise and feel ready for bed after a gorgeous beach sunset. There's such a difference between a fresh-air-yoga-healthy-heart tired and a rat-race tired.

4. You're looking for a meaningful, solo vacation.

On retreat, you'll be able to explore some local culture, make connections, and see new sights with new friends. Don’t believe us? Our past retreat pictures are worth a thousand words. Of course souvenirs are at the heart of so many of our travels, but that shot glass with the dancing frog or flamingo magnet won’t deliver the same joy as the impromptu pic with your new yogi friends doing tree pose on the Galapagos.

5. You've been hoping to get to know your teacher on a deeper level.

Guess what? That teacher you’ve been idolizing in class and through each and every workshop offered; they put their stretchy pants on one leg at a time, too. Getting out on retreat is not only a beautiful way to deepen a practice with a teacher whose instruction you admire, but it’s a great way to get to know them, the real them, as well.