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Scoot Over, Vitamin C — Vitamin D Is Our New BFF For Fall Immunity*

October 5, 2021
Branded Content Editor
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October 5, 2021

Fall has made its swift appearance, and with it comes the changing leaves, beloved sweater weather, and pumpkin spice everything. There's much to love about this season, and that also means...plenty of reasons to stay healthy.

Immune health continues to be more top of mind than ever. But as fall rolls around, we find ourselves with extra reasons to double-down on immunity. And if you think that just means stocking up on the vitamin C supplements—your immunity regimen may be a fall fixer-upper.* Vitamin D is also essential for promoting immune system health, and chances are, you need more of it.*

We're low on vitamin D ... and it affects our immunity.

It's not that vitamin C isn't helpful as immune support.* It's that vitamin D is also a huge player, and one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency1. In the U.S. alone, 42% of Americans are vitamin D deficient2. But wait, you might be thinking, isn't vitamin D the "sunshine vitamin"? Indeed—vitamin D can come from the sun3 (if we're in the sun). But factors like air pollution, more time inside, season, latitude, age, skin tone, and wearing sunscreen (which reduces vitamin D production by more than 95%1) inhibit this process. 

Many of us have insufficient vitamin D levels, and even more so4 when cold weather comes around. And how does that affect immunity? Well, where to begin? Adequate levels of vitamin D help our innate and adaptive immune systems function with success.* Vitamin D also helps increase immune cell production of 4key peptides4 that are critical for our natural defense mechanisms.* So as you're building your immunity tool kit this fall, d.velop's ImmunityPlus goes in first...because this fast and effective vitamin D supplement isn't messing around.*†

Vitamin D supplements: What to look for.

The reality is, we can't rely on sunbathing and fatty foods like fish to hit our vitamin D quotas...but we can easily supplement vitamin D.* ImmunityPlus by d.velop™ is the only vitamin D supplement made with calcifediol—a prohormone form of vitamin D known as 25-hydroxyvitamin D with clinically shown bioavailability.*† (Bioavailability referring to how easily a bioactive can be absorbed by the body!) Calcifediol doesn't have to be converted by the liver and is thus directly absorbed into the bloodstream5 to increase vitamin D levels.* Studies5 have shown that calcifediol (again, a pro-hormone form of D) is three times faster and three times more effective than the traditional fat-soluble nutrient format (vitamin D).*†

From deficient to sufficient.

Research continues to explore the connection between supplementing for higher vitamin D levels and immunity.* What we know is that whether our vitamin D levels are sufficient or deficient has impacts on the immune system. Studies6 have linked sufficient vitamin D levels to more robust immune function and health.* Vitamin D deficiency, on the other hand, is associated with an increased risk of not feeling our best7.* That's because when we're low on vitamin D, our cells can't communicate as efficiently. That means our white blood cells (the cells that hunt down foreign invaders) can't receive instructions to produce proteins to keep us healthy.* Let's play telephone with our friends, not our immune system!

Immunity ... plus zinc and vitamin C.

Our immune health consists of a miraculously intricate defense system that helps protect our body from invaders. And with all it's up against in this world, it deserves all the support it can get. Not only does ImmunityPlus provide the most effective form of the pro-hormone form of vitamin D,† but this tablet is also formulated with vitamin C and zinc to support a healthy immune system.* Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals.* Zinc helps immune cell communication.* What do you get when you combine them with vitamin D in ImmunityPlus? A powerful 3-in-1 formula for immune system support.*

Better immunity now.

Strong immunity isn't the kind of thing you put off until tomorrow. Fall has arrived, and taking care of a vitamin D deficiency goes at the top of the list. How do you know if you're deficient? Thankfully, d.velop has created a Vitamin D Test Kit (which includes two tests). The first test helps you understand your current vitamin D levels. After you've taken ImmunityPlus regularly, you take the second test and witness the progress for yourself! With d.velop™ Vitamin D, your vitamin D levels can rise in as few as 14 days†... But if they don't? You get your money back, guaranteed.

Fall arrives as an invitation for us to slow down after the rush of summer. It's a fleeting window of time for us to dial in what matters: the health we often take for granted. Protecting our health isn't just about avoiding outside offenders. It's about protecting the things we love—be it a chilly morning with a cup of tea or apple picking—and getting the most out of every moment.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Clinical studies5 have shown that ampli-D™ can achieve sufficient vitamin D status (30 ng/mL) on average 3X faster, and is 3X more effective, compared to the same mcg amount of conventional vitamin D3. Source: Quesada-Gomez and Bouillon. Osteoporosis Int. 2018; 29:1697–1711.

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