There's A New Type Of Chocolate (And It's Pink!)

Photo by Barry Callebaut Group

What's your favorite kind of chocolate? For the last 80 years—since the introduction of white chocolate—your only options have been white, dark, or milk. But now, thanks to scientists from Switzerland, we have a fourth option to choose from. They just announced the invention of "ruby chocolate," a pink-colored version of everyone's favorite treat.

One of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers, Barry Callebaut, has been working on this ruby chocolate recipe for over a decade, and it's made from ruby cocoa beans, so it contains no added coloring or flavoring. This new invention is aimed toward millennials, who love chocolate and the color pink so much it only made sense to combine them.

And now for the most important question: What does it taste like? According to experts it tastes just how it looks: Like chocolate but with a bit of a fruity, berry flavor. Apparently, we can expect ruby chocolate bars, cakes, and truffles (in other words, ruby chocolate everything!) in the very near future. And we are not complaining.

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