This Texas Brand Is Totally Changing the Way We Think About Food

Written by mindbodygreen

EPIC Provisions is an innovative company that offers 100 percent grass-fed meat products with the goal of supporting as many ranches as possible in their transition to a holistic model that regenerates the land. As co-founders Taylor and Katie started looking for their own land, they knew they wanted to do things differently. When the husband-and-wife duo first set foot on one piece of property in the Texas Hill Country, it was barren, dry, and covered in weeds—but all they saw was potential to breathe new life into the land using the principles of regenerative agriculture. (If you're scratching your head about what that means, no worries—we got you.)

Welcome to Roam Ranch—a vibrant ranch that proves that incredible things can happen when you farm in a way that's better for animals, people, and the planet. In this video, Taylor and Katie give mbg an inside peek into what regenerative agriculture ACTUALLY looks like in practice and break down why it's so important for creating a healthier environment for generations to come. Though Roam Ranch doesn't grow food for EPIC, it encapsulates the qualities the brand does look for in its suppliers: high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients grown using regenerative practices.

Join along as EPIC, along with its suppliers and Roam Ranch, work their way to a brighter future.

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