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I Tried It: Why P.volve's Transform Kit Is What Your Routine Is Missing
Image by P.volve
August 3, 2020

I'm the type of well-being nut that not only loves to exercise but considers it the most important part of my everyday routine. As someone acutely aware of, and sensitive to, the mind/body connection, I'm always looking for workouts that not only make me feel good physically but also shift my internal energy for the better. For me, it's "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee...and fit in some fitness." 

In the past few months, I've fully embraced exercise streaming culture and have found myself "studio hopping" every week as a means of adding a little variety to an at-home routine that can feel more static than I'm typically used to. When testing out a new program at home, especially if I've been to the studio IRL, I always question: Will it translate without the energy of the physical space? What do I need to have to enjoy this to the fullest? 

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This week, I wanted to mix things up. Instead of attempting to become a runner (take 100), I decided to try out some toning equipment: P.volve's Transform Kit. If you haven't heard of P.volve yet, listen up: It's a resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact workout that sculpts and energizes the entire body. If high-intensity/low-impact seems like a contradiction to you, I suggest trying a class in their digital studio, you'll feel the answer. The kit has P.volve's first-to-market trio: p.ball (inflated ball with attached elastic band to deeply activate the glutes), (a hands-free upper body resistance band), and the p.3 (a next-level product with a handle, ball, and ankle straps to span the entire length of the body). 

With my equipment ready to go, I started choosing daily classes based on how I select most things: my mood. 

Day 1:

As usual, I woke up with the sun at 6 a.m. Today, however, I bound out of bed with the anticipatory excitement of a new workout, ready for intensity. I went for the Full Body Fire Up using the and gliders, and it didn't disappoint. Not only did I break a sweat, but I was able to stretch and strengthen the muscles in my arms and enter a "flow" of smooth movements (definitely my preferred way to train). The had the resistance I needed, without overloading my arms. I was standing a little straighter already! 

Day 2:

On Day 2, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed thanks to some typical quarantine nightmares. I needed to shake it off, immediately, so I went right to the at-home "gym" setup and clicked through some P.volve workouts (the opposite of doomscrolling). This time, I went for the Core and Hip Connection class with the p.3 trainer. Halfway through the workout, I felt my mind release right alongside my hips. There's nothing better than a standing hip opener in my book. The p.3 is such a dynamic piece of equipment, allowing you to truly test your range of motion. Confession: It was after this workout that I hit the online shop...hard. All the equipment now, please! 

p.3 trainer

The p.3 trainer is a cutting-edge product that uses resistance training to span the entire length of the body. Working from ankle to hand, the p.3 awakens and engages even the hardest-to-reach muscles in new, versatile ways.

Day 3:

My 4 p.m. slump hit at 3 p.m. today, and with a vengeance. It was the kind of energy dip that couldn't be tackled by a handful of pistachios and quick "lap around the house." Enter: a speedy P.volve session. This time, the focus was Quick Inner and Outer Thighs using the p.ball...and a love affair was born. Unlike a standard Pilates ball, the p.ball is designed so you're able to really get into your outer thigh muscles against the band while also squeezing your inners like you never have before. I practically skipped back to my desk...and definitely felt the work the next day. 

Image by P.volve
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Day 4:

On day four I wanted to take it easy and keep it focused on core. Indirect Abs spoke to me—I'm firmly living in a post-crunch era, there are so many better ways to strengthen your core. Here's the thing about P.volve: You hit muscle groups you simply MISS doing other workouts (and trust me; I do them all). The hip rotations and step patterns allow you to tap into micro muscles and angles you didn't know you had. By this point, I was a full convert, ready for Day 5 and beyond. 

transform bundle

This bundle offers three of P.volve's first-to-market pieces of equipment plus one month of at-home streaming. Includes: the p.ball, and p.3 trainer.

Day 5:

Luxurious stretching is what my body asked for on Day 5. I opted for the 12-minute Pelvis and Back Adjustment, which I can only describe as a real gift to myself. It felt SO good and gave me a much-needed reminder that stretching shouldn't be optional; it needs to be part of the work you're putting in. Admittedly, if I'm not in a yoga class, I tend to speed through a stretch sequence at the end of a workout once my mind is onto the next thing. These simple adjustments reminded me that I need to find the time to recover, even if I'm unable to do so immediately after a session. There's always time; you just have to find or make it! 

After five days, I consider myself a P.volve devotee. Simply put, I get the hype. A P.volve workout can be your high-intensity movement for the day, a warmup before a run, an afternoon energy boost, or an EOD wind-down. There's nothing forced about P.volve movements because they're designed with your body's natural (and best) alignment in mind. 

Sometimes the key to mixing it up is in the right equipment. You can plank and leg lift all day, but with something like the Transform Kit, you're able to access deeper, smaller muscles. It opened the door to more effective, full-body elongating and toning that I just wasn't getting from my workout routine before. My advice is simple: Get the Transform Kit and see for yourself; your mind and body will thank you. 

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