Monthly Horoscope: Your Complete Astrological Forecast For October

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Peace, love, and…discord? October, which is usually a season to come together, could threaten to pull us apart. At least, it could if we don't work out our differences and clear up the resentments that have been silently brewing. Understanding the cosmic landscape of this month will help us clear that path…but a walk through our own shadows may be part of the journey.

As per usual, the Sun will make its annual trek through Libra, the sign of cooperation and partnership, until October 23. That will set the backdrop for compromise at least, especially at the October 8 Libra new moon. Broker your peace treatise under these proactive moonbeams if at all possible!

But prepare to leave no stone unturned, because from October 5 to November 16, Venus, the planet of peace, love, and mutuality (and Libra's ruling planet), will turn retrograde. This tricky transit, which happens for six weeks every 18 months, can cause relationship rough patches, sudden splits, or the (aaggghh!) return of an ex. Hey, if timing wasn't on your side the first go-round, maybe Venus will give you a fortuitous do-over. Just make sure you address the issues that split you up the first time.

Moods could shift by the minute and are subject to change without notice.

There's no sweeping even the tiniest shard of resentment under the rug because Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio from October 5 to 31, the laser-focused sign that doesn't forget a single detail (or forgive too readily either). This Venus cycle will push us to confront our own blind spots and "shadow sides" when it comes to love, friendship, and our closest bonds. With Venus reversing through transformational Scorpio, there's an opportunity to shed some layers or process emotional blocks that have turned into barriers around your heart.

The October 24 Taurus full moon tunes us into more mundane and material matters—from the sensual to the sensible. Step out of the intense Scorpio ultraverse for a minute and ground yourself by poring over your budget, booking a massage or salon appointment, or spending quality time in nature.

On October 31, Venus will back into Libra, giving us two weeks to hash out compromises, fight for what's fair, and attempt to find common ground with one another. Justice overall will be a huge topic, and since Venus is associated with the feminine principle, women's rights are certain to be a huge determining factor in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

That day is also Halloween, of course, and with the moon in flamboyant Leo, there ought to be some showstopping costumes on parade. But the competition could get fiercer than Ru Paul's Drag Race season finale thanks to a tense square between the look-and-me Moon and the evasive Scorpio Sun. Adding to the volatility, Venus will lock into a stressful opposition with unpredictable Uranus. People could act erratically and more than a few lovers' quarrels could spark up. Moods could shift by the minute and are subject to change without notice.

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