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How To Build A Zen Den That Speaks To Mom This Mother's Day 
Image by MARTÍ SANS / Stocksy
May 5, 2020

Whether you're quarantined with mom or social distancing, the time is now to outdo yourself with the Mother's Day celebrations. The aim? Make it memorable, make it joyful, and make it a blissful distraction from the current reality. Mom deserves it, and—let's face it—planning something she'll really love is a welcome diversion for you, too. 

If ever there were a formula for the perfect gift, experiential, tangible, and personal would be the sugar, spice, and all-things-nice recipe for success. Luckily, we've found one gift that ticks all three boxes for Mother's Day: a Zen den created with mom's inner peace in mind.

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Creating a Zen den—a space your mom can go to relax, recharge, and be in the moment with herself—is easier than you might think with these three simple steps: 

Step 1: Set up the space.

Think about the spaces in your mom's home and pick a cozy corner, window bed, or room to set up the Zen den. If nothing permanent is realistic, you can create a transportable Zen den by putting each element in a basket that mom can pull out whenever she wants a moment to herself. 

Once you've selected your space, consider lighting and seating. A simple chain of fairy lights or a few candles are all you need to set the vibe. If space allows, a yoga mat, hammock, or meditation cushion make for mom's perfect perch to stretch, meditate, or simply sit on. 

Finally, consider adding at least one green, leafy plant. It will go a long way for establishing and/or defining the space, providing a nice "suggested barrier" between mom's new Zen den and the rest of the house. Pro tip: 1-800 Flowers makes it super easy to order and have plants delivered right to mom's door. We love fiddle-leaf figs for the mom who loves to 'gram, and snake plants for the busy mom who likes her greenery fuss-free. 

Step 2: Get creative with cozy.

If we've learned anything over the past month while hunkering down at home, it's that swapping jeans for sweats, cuddling up with blankets, and generally embracing loungewear life goes a long way when it comes to keeping us cozy and calm. 

Providing mom with a simple, super-comfy clothing option—like a fluffy robe or a pair of loose sweatpants—will help mom's mental shift from hustle to chill, and a neutral-toned throw blanket is the perfect Zen den accent to huddle beneath in cooler months (or when the air conditioner is blasting). 

Step 3: Make it speak to mom.

Finally, add some personal touches that will make your Zen den really speak to the unique relationship you have with your mom. Having a creative block? Start by thinking about some of the things that bring your mom a sense of peace and how you could bring them to life in her Zen den. It could be a framed family portrait, her favorite book of poetry, a sketch notebook, or even some earplugs. 

And, since we're celebrating Mother's Day, complete the picture with a gift that says, "I love you." A heartfelt card, a bunch of flowers, and mom's favorite chocolate or snack will go a long way. It's the foolproof trifecta that puts a smile on mom's face, 100% of the time. 

Tick the card and flower boxes off in one fell swoop by ordering the 1-800 Flowers Conversation Roses for Mom, a stunning bunch of roses with special Mother's Day messages adorned on the petals.  

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