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Money Affirmations: Why You Need One & 5 For Your Financial Goals  

Brianna Firestone
mbg Financial Contributor By Brianna Firestone
mbg Financial Contributor
Brianna Firestone is a Financial Education Instructor certified by the National Financial Educators Council, and the founder of The School of Betty. Her expert advice has been featured in, Real Simple, and Business Insider. Firestone received her bachelor's in theatre from Stephens College and lives in Denver, Colorado.
(Last Used: 1/29/21) Money Affirmations: Why You Need One & 5 For Your Financial Goals

I wasn't always on the positive affirmation train. See, when I thought of doing affirmations, it conjured visions of me standing in front of a mirror telling myself how great I was. And that seemed weird. This was all before I actually dove into the neuroscience behind affirmations and began to understand how truly impactful they can be. Then I went all in. Because your emotions and mindset are at the root of your money behaviors, positive affirmations can be especially powerful in transforming your financial game. 

If there's one area of life where most of us could utilize some positive affirmations, it's in the money space. Money can be a very charged topic that many of us avoid. Unfortunately, avoidance doesn't help us build a better relationship with our finances. And you need to develop a strong partnership with it because money will be part of your life every day for the rest of your life.

If the thought of money or a budget starts to cause you stress, beginning with money affirmations can help you move forward. 

Why you need a money affirmation.

Positive money affirmations are powerful because they start to rewire how you think and feel about money, and believe it or not, that's where you have to start. Because our thoughts lead to emotions, this is the space most individuals get stuck when it comes to transforming their money situation. When we don't feel great about money, it's less likely that we will actually take the actions that are needed to create change.

At the heart, affirmations will help you overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. That's important because what you think, visualize, and say to yourself on the daily can (and does) change your body through neuroplasticity. In short; you have the ability to create new neural pathways in your brain. You're either currently doing that unintentionally or intentionally.

If your money picture isn't what you desire, it's time to think differently. Literally. You can use neuroscience to your advantage by identifying how you want to feel about your money situation and utilizing affirmations to get you there. 


What money affirmations can't do.

But before we begin, we also understand that "thinking positively" cannot inherently change every financial situation—often, there are real structural issues in place that make it harder for individuals to succeed. Adopting a money affirmation does not change this fact—only systemic change can. However, this article addresses the fact that many of us have a negative emotional relationship with money, and adjusting your thoughts around your finances can help you develop a healthier one. It's a small personal step you can take that may have big outcomes.

But without further delay, here are five positive money affirmations that will help you start firing your reward systems and propel you into positive actions with your money: 

1. My money is a positive tool that helps me live a great life.

Many individuals see money as being "bad." It is not seen as a tool that is there to help you live a great life, but it is often seen as something that gets in the way and contributes to pain and stress. This affirmation will help you rewire those thoughts about money toward the positive so you can remove the emotional blocks that are getting in the way of your spending time with your money.   

2. My money supports me, and I have enough. 

We live in a world that tells us we don't have enough and we should want more. Unfortunately, these messages move us from a place of abundance and into a space of lack. We can shift this by being in gratitude and recognizing how money supports us daily. For some of us, we live very privileged lives—but we don't believe we do. Recognizing the riches in your life (food, shelter, health, etc.) will guide you toward seeing and believing how money is truly supporting you.  


3. My money is a boomerang and always comes back to me. 

Money is called currency. It likes to be circulated, and, in fact, it needs to be circulated for a thriving economy. Unfortunately, many individuals experience a lot of fear around spending their money. Yes, we want to spend responsibly, but we don't want the fear to block us from leveraging money in positive ways that help us live a great life. This affirmation will help release some of the fear around parting with your dollars.

4. I love money, and money loves me.

Avoidance is super common when it comes to money. Most individuals want to believe that ignorance is bliss when it comes to money and it will just figure itself out if they don't pay attention to it. As you might guess, this has the opposite effect. When we start to associate money with the bubbly feelings of love, it will be easier to start spending time with your money and thus, leading to more trust. 


5. My money helps me create positive ripples in the world. 

Many feel bad for the money they make if it looks different from those around them. When we start to associate our abundance with a positive impact, we open ourselves up to receive more and feel confident in that exchange. This affirmation will keep you in the positive and help you recognize and be proud of your money successes

The takeaway.

Changing how you think and feel about your money is one of the most powerful ingredients when it comes to creating a solid financial foundation and a money picture and relationship that serves you well. When we think of money in a positive light, we immediately remove many of the obstacles that are in our way from making change. Take it from a reformed "positive affirmations don't work" believer when I tell you, these statements will exceed your expectations. 


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