Solved: Making Your Kid’s Clothing Last The Distance

There’s only one constant when it comes to kids, and that’s the go, go, go schedules that structure their little lives. A key part of taking care of them and maintaining your sanity? Making sure their clothes go the distance with them… even with some bumps, bruises, and stains along the way. Building a wardrobe that’s as durable as the kids can be a challenge, but following these six tips will help you (and the planet) out in the long run. 

  1. Size Up, Layer Up 
  2. Shop Shape Over Stretch 
  3. Invest In Classics 
  4. Wear Washable, Laundry Is Inevitable! 
  5. Tackle Stains ASAP 
  6. Look At The Label 

Press play to get into the details, and see how cotton can help tick the boxes for a kid’s wardrobe that lasts multiple generations. 



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