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It's mbg Action Week: Make Your Voice Heard This Election Day

NASM Certified Personal Trainer By Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Matt Scheetz is a brand strategist at mindbodygreen and a NASM-certified personal trainer.
Sophie Charnley illustrations of people spreading the word about election day

Illustration by Sophie Charnley / Contributor

Welcome to Week One of mbg Action Weeks! Today kicks off our four-part series in partnership with Yogi Tea to bring you a daily checklist for how YOU can be an agent of change and progress in your community.

Week One is all about setting yourself up with a plan to vote. As you've likely heard, there's an election happening next week, and casting your ballot is one of the most empowering actions you can perform. We get it, though—between work, family obligations, and (if we're lucky) some time for self-care, sometimes it feels like the modern-day activist needs a literal checklist to remind them to head to the polls.

Spoiler: We did that for you. Check out our daily guide to voting below, and head over to our Instagram Stories each day to find out how you can make a voting action plan that sticks.

M o n d a y
Monday, Read up Monday, Read up

R e a d   u p .

It's probably safe to say that you're (at least partially) familiar with who's running for president, but Election Day is about way more than that. Kick off the week by educating yourself on the down-ballot candidates running for local office in your community. Why? Because local legislation has a direct impact on your day-to-day life (think pandemic response, funding for education, public transportation, housing, and so much more).

Not sure where to start? There are plenty of handy guides on who's up for election in your state, where they stand on the issues, and how they align (or not!) on the issues that are most important to you.This may seem like information overload, so steep a cup of bright and fruity Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea to help you stay focused and energized.

T u e s d a y
Tuesday, Expand Tuesday, Expand

E x p a n d

y o u r   P O V .

In the days of social media and endless scrolling, it's (too) easy to find ourselves in echo chambers of like-minded friends and family members who reinforce our already held beliefs. Today, we want you to actively seek out alternative opinions and voices to expand your point of view. Try engaging in friendly discussion with that friend from high school who sees things differently than you. Or, see different perspectives in your feed by following 10 people you don't agree with or by getting your news for the day from a site or network you've never engaged with before.

We get it—this kind of dissonance can be stressful. So take some time to chill out over a comforting cup of Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea, taking in the soothing aroma of Lavender and Chamomile with each sip.

W e d n e s d a y
Wednesday, Get Involved Wednesday, Get Involved

G e t

i n v o l v e d .

Whether you sign up to be a poll worker, volunteer for an organization that's supporting a policy you feel strongly about (like your local League of Women Voters), or inquire about mentorship programs at the public school in your district, there is no shortage of opportunities to empower your community during this pivotal time.

Need some motivation to get out there and get involved? Sip an invigorating cup of Yogi Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality tea, blended with delicious, warming Chai spices.

T h u r s d a y
Thursday, Spread the word Thursday, Spread the word

S p r e a d  

t h e   w o r d .

If you're reading this, you're probably already mindful of what's going on next week. But—shocker—this isn't the case for everyone around you. Today, we encourage you to uplift others in your community by empowering them with tools to help make their voices heard. Post a short video to your social media feed explaining why voting is so important to you, try reaching out to 10 friends and asking exactly how they plan to vote, or, get right to the point and directly send them (versus passively sharing on your feed) some voting resources to help them get started. One of our favorite resources? This couldn't-be-easier-to-use site that confirms voter registration status in seconds. After all, you can't make your voice heard if you're not registered to vote.

This is your chance to make your voice heard, but spreading the word can be draining. So tonight, wind down and support your overall wellbeing with a lightly sweet and soothing cup of Yogi Echinacea Immune Support tea.

F r i d a y
Friday, Restore Friday, Restore

R e s t o r e .

You made it through the week! And although the big day is still yet to come, today is the perfect chance to take a restorative moment away from the hubbub of election season. Your assignment today is to end the week on a relaxing note by focusing on self-care—take a bubble bath, make your favorite comfort food for dinner, and read something that has nothing to do with what's going on in the world (start a book club, maybe?)

But most importantly, cap it all off in the most soothing way possible—with a warm, zesty cup of Yogi Mango Ginger tea (ideally while in aforementioned bubble bath).

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