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Introducing The New Beauty Rules: Heart-Centered Resolutions For Beautiful Skin

February 04, 2021
Branded Content Editor
Image by Lumina / Stocksy
February 04, 2021

While 2020 knocked us down in some ways, it also gave us the opportunity to reassess the status quo. With health and wellness becoming more widespread than ever, we redefined our thoughts about beauty and self-care—and when we remembered that beauty should feel good for not only us but the entire planet, the New Beauty Rules were born.

With an emphasis on natural beauty, the New Beauty Rules are simple to learn. They embrace inner beauty and outer radiance in the arms of self-love. The New Beauty Rules are founded in kindness—toward ourselves and Mother Earth. This year, we're planting seeds of intention for beautiful skin and simply feeling good. But how can we feel good unless our beauty routines also nurture the planet?

Here's the harsh reality: The beauty industry makes a lot of negative contributions to the environmental crisis. Most of the industry relies on unrecyclable plastic packaging that ends up in a landfill or the ocean, while beauty products contain chemical vapors that pollute both oceans and the ozone. Then there's the fact that many products contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans—the U.S. has only banned or partially restricted 30 dangerous ingredients1, while the E.U. has banned upward of 1,400. Something to watch out for.

Needless to say, there's a call to redefine skin care, starting here with inspiring resolutions guided by the New Beauty Rules. We're following the leadership of brands like Burt's Bees, with products that are safe for our bodies and friendly to the earth. These skin care resolutions aren't hard-core; they're about tapping into your heart. Can't we all use a bit of that in 2021?

Resolution #1: Seek radiance, not perfection.

Image by Studio Firma / Stocksy

Beauty has been associated with perfection and symmetry for too long. We strive for "perfect skin," but how about radiant skin instead? Our skin is most luminous when happiness shines through. And you know what makes us happy? Trading perfection for self-love. This year, invite in practices that help you cultivate self-love, like meditation or gentle yoga. Seek the nutrients that give your skin radiance, like those found in Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Glow Booster, full of antioxidant-rich oils. Glow forth and prosper.

Resolution #2: Focus more on moisture, less on makeup.

Image by Javier Diez / Stocksy

Everyone's skin is different, but all skin loves moisture. This year, we're resolved to honor our unique skin constitution by nurturing it with hydrating ingredients. Those of us with dry skin can lean on the Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Day Lotion for Dry Skin by day and the Truly Glowing Night Cream for Dry Skin by night, both of which hydrate with naturally derived hyaluronic acid. Those of us with oily skin will benefit from the hydrating humectants and oils in the Truly Glowing Gel Cream, which keep skin cells plump 24/7. With nourished skin, practice leaving the house sans makeup or applying makeup to enhance your natural look. It's time to source confidence from our inner beauty so that we shine bright—makeup or not.

Resolution #3: Use clean ingredients, inside and out.

Image by Marti Sans / Contributor

In 2021, we're cleansing the mind, body, and soul. With the constant presence of stress and environmental elements like pollution, it's critical to regularly cleanse the skin with a naturally derived product like Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Gel Cleanser. This cleanser uses clean ingredients, like naturally derived hyaluronic acid, to keep skin luminous. Alongside a cleansing routine, a focus on clean food, and lots of water—your skin will love that, too!

Resolution #4: Choose natural, earth-friendly products.

Image by Marti Sans / Stocksy

We're grateful for brands like Burt's Bees leading the way in responsible beauty and skin care. It's time to choose the products that use body- and planet-safe ingredients. And with self-compassion, we're swapping for products with earth-friendly values like sustainable packaging and no animal testing. Burt's Bees not only sustainably sources their products but minimizes packaging and keeps it recyclable.

Small resolutions, big impact.

The New Beauty Rules ask us to be kind—to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet. Beauty starts on the inside, like practicing skin care resolutions from a heart-centered and compassionate place. It shines on the outside when we embrace our truest selves. Let's start the new year with a new beauty tone: You are already enough!

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
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