These Audiobooks Will Change The Way You Think About Food Forever

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As summertime settles in and people have their sights set on barbecues, beach trips, and long days spent outdoors, our diets have a chance to grow into the new season. These warmer months are a time to eat fresh, nourishing, whole-food ingredients—right out of the garden. If you have the space, growing your own food is a wonderful way to really connect to your plate, and audiobooks can provide the perfect soundtrack for days spent with your hands in the dirt.

These captivating audiobooks prove that food is so much more than a combination of ingredients; it speaks to cultures, relationships, and times past. Pop one on as you’re harvesting your haul, get lost in it as you’re prepping an al fresco dinner, and get ready to feel like the ultimate farm-to-table foodie.


In this addicting audiobook, food writer Lia Huber travels the world exploring how food can impart a sense of spiritual and emotional healing. Spanning from Guatemala to Greece to California, her dynamic narrative explores how people from all walks of life connect to their plates and one another. This one perfectly encapsulates how cuisine can shape history and narrative, and it's the perfect summer listen for any home grower or chef.

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The Food Explorer

Get ready to be in awe of David Fairchild and his culinary adventures. The acclaimed "food explorer" (yes, that’s a real thing) who lived in the 19th century helped introduce what are now some of America’s most coveted foods such as mangoes, seedless grapes, and—yes!—avocados. But he ran into some resistance along the way. Listen in to this entertaining tale to hear all about how he battled diseases and persisted through arrests to bring these delicious ingredients to the forefront. Who knows? Learning about the history of these crops might influence you to grow some of your own.

Give a Girl a Knife

Amy Thielen has worked in kitchens with acclaimed names from the likes of David Bouley to Daniel Boulud, but she’s not your typical fine-dining chef. With this touching memoir, Amy takes listeners through her humble beginnings growing up surrounded by fast food factories and into NYC’s most exclusive food scenes. Listen along with her as she grapples to find a way to balance high-end cuisine and feel-good home cooking, and snag some tips for your own summer cooking.

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Mindful Eating

This audiobook will help you prep all of your fresh ingredients in a way that honors the body.

A physician and meditation teacher, author Dr. Jan Bays is one of the foremost experts on how to eat in a mindful way. She’ll help you get to the root of why you might be tempted to reach for unhealthy food, so you can make better choices. Listening to this title in audiobook makes it easier to digest (no pun intended) all its rich, science-backed insight and practical tips.

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