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If Your Fall Wellness Personality Was A Flavor, What Would It Be?

October 21, 2021
Branded Content Editor
October 21, 2021

As fall rolls around, there's a part of us that lets out a sigh of relief. Without the hustle and bustle of summer, we find ourselves with more room to breathe. With more space to focus on cultivating our best selves. And yet, we all phase into this slower, darker season a bit differently. For some of us, fall wellness looks like hikes and hot springs. For others, it's making meals from the veggies we harvested ourselves.

Whatever our fall wellness personality may look like, there's a Ricola herb drop to match. Every Ricola herb drop starts with their signature blend of 10 high-quality herbs harvested from five different regions in the Switzerland mountains. But then they're combined with additional ingredients like juices from real berries, or fresh mint, to create a unique portfolio of flavors. And which one is best for you? Take our quiz to find out!

Illustration by AliRae Aguirre

1.) What fall activities do you enjoy the most?

a. If it's fall and I'm not on the hunt for changing leaves, something's wrong

b. Perfecting my spiced apple cider recipe

c. Watching my friends wig out at haunted houses

d. Chasing the warm weather to somewhere I've never explored before

e. Anything that involves pumpkins

Illustration by AliRae Aguirre
Illustration by AliRae Aguirre

2.) What is your staple autumn snack?

a. Trail mix and dried fruits

b. A cup of homemade soup

c. Seasonal superfoods—all the pomegranates and root veggies

d. I like to switch it up, my palate prefers variety

e. Anything I can dip—I'll never say no to a warm Brie appetizer

Illustration by AliRae Aguirre
Illustration by AliRae Aguirre

3.) Where do your paychecks go in the fall?

a. New hiking boots

b. Warm layers

c. The newest fall fashion trend

d. Plane tickets and Airbnb

e. Food and drinks

AliRae Aguirre
Illustration by AliRae Aguirre / AliRae Aguirre
Illustration by AliRae Aguirre

4.) What drink sounds best to you?

a. A fruity/herbal water infusion

b. Hot chocolate, herbal tea, anything warm

c. Kombucha

d. Something light and refreshing

e. Water in between cocktails 

Illustration by AliRae Aguirre
Illustration by AliRae Aguirre

5.) How do you restore & recharge in the fall?

a. A nice soak in an outdoor hot spring

b. A fireplace and the Netflix series I'm loving

c. Ain't no rest for the wicked

d. By getting out of the same old routines

e. Some solo time to scroll my Pinterest and Instagram

Illustration by AliRae Aguirre
AliRae Aguirre
AliRae Aguirre
Illustration by AliRae Aguirre / AliRae Aguirre

6.) When summer's over, which best describes you?

a. I'm headed to REI to check out their ski gear

b. I'm excitedly pulling out my fall clothes. Is it sweater weather yet?

c. I'm preparing my intentions for the fall equinox

d. Hasta la vista—it's always summer somewhere

e. I'm already thinking about my Halloween costume

Illustration by AliRae Aguirre

Mostly A's: Outdoor Optimist, your flavor is Original.

When fall comes around, there's nothing getting between you and your CamelBak. Fall is when the best colors adorn earth's trails—and you're intent on exploring as many as you possibly can. The key to your wellness is always The Great Outdoors and anything that reminds you of it. That's why you'll most enjoy the earthy flavors and throat care of Ricola Original Natural Herb Drops, formulated with 10 Swiss alpine herbs. Throw some of these in your backpack, and keep your palate happy all the way to the summit.

Mostly B's: Calm, Cozy & Collected, your flavor is Honey Lemon.

When it comes to bundling up, starting a fire, and sipping a mug of apple cider—you've gained professional status. You know fall is best enjoyed cozied up—which is why you enjoy fall most from the sanctuary of your living room, a picturesque cabin, or wherever you can have the solitude to enjoy a great novel. Your calm version of fall wellness is best supported by the comfort of Ricola Honey Lemon Drops. If there's one person who will appreciate the warming flavors of honey, it's you.

Mostly C's: Autumn Adventurer, your flavor is Berry Medley.

You've made the most out of the summer sun, but with this new season, the fun has only just begun. Cue the fall concerts, Halloween parties, corn mazes, and haunted houses—you know how to bundle up and keep the fun rolling, PSL in hand. Life is short, and you won't be missing anything this fleeting season has to offer. The only flavor that could possibly complement your colorful personality? Ricola Berry Medley Herb Drops. Made with a flavor blend of raspberries, bilberries, and black currants, these drops will keep you going all season long.

Mostly D's: Wanderluster, your flavor is Lemon Mint.

You find your best self when you feel completely anonymous in parts unknown. You thrive on adventure and use your summers to knock places off your bucket list (which is a whole lot longer than the average person's). You'll find the most refreshment in the Ricola Lemon Mint Herb Drops, as you sample your way through street markets and attractions. With all those planes, trains, and automobiles, keep a stash of herb drops for moments of relief when the journey feels long.

Mostly E's: Harvest Partier, your flavor is Cherry Honey.

For a classic extrovert like you, being around others feeds your soul. Fall is your time to shine, as you get your people together for all the fall festivities... If anything, for an excuse to try out that new spiced cocktail recipe you found. From pumpkin carving competitions to decorating candied apples, there's never a dull moment with you. And to match such a vibrant personality? The Ricola Cherry Honey Herb Drops. There's something about that tart and sweet flavor that matches your zest for life, as you make the most out of every little moment. 

Illustrations made by AliRae Aguirre |
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