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What Kind Of Dog You Should Have, According To Your Personality Type

Photo by Stocksy

Over the past few years, pop culture has caught onto the value of personality assessments as tools to help us create and customize our lives. Meyers-Briggs, the Enneagram, and countless other protocols will place you neatly into a particular box with people much like you and tell you what kind of job you should have, what city you should live in, or what book you should read next.

One thing we haven't found personality-specific recommendations for? What kind of dog we'd vibe with best. In an effort to preclude an incompatible puppy love match (pun intended), we teamed up with ORGANIX®, America's No. 1 organic pet food brand, to identify some of the best breeds for a few of the personality types we come across regularly.

So, whether you're looking for a sleek, trail-running companion who loves the outdoors or a cuddly fluff-ball to spend cozy afternoons on the couch with, one of the dogs on this list is bound to fit the bill.

The Adventure-Seeker

If your days are punctuated by outdoor runs, your weekends devoted to 10Ks and obstacle races, and the next trip you're planning involves climbing at least one mountain, you'll want a dog who's as keen an explorer as you are. Weimaraners are known for their speed, intrepid sense of curiosity, and their ability to cover long distances without tiring. Weimaraners are eminently trainable, making them the ideal companion for whatever excitement you have planned.

The Nester

Is your idea of the perfect weekend staying indoors and DIYing a chair out of your old magazines, glazing all your coffee mugs, and finding the ideal organizational setup to showcase your collection of exotic spices? A Havanese is just the dog for you. These pint-size pups are playful, but with their long coats and tiny legs, they much prefer to trot around with you inside than brave the overwhelming outside world. A short time spent playing catch with them indoors is usually all the exercise they'll need in the day.

The Urban Go-Getter

You might think being a city dweller with a jam-packed schedule means your dream of sharing your off-hours with your best friend isn't an option. On the contrary, a small dog whose exercise needs can be met with a daily walk is just what you need. Adaptable to any space, your energetic Pug just needs a quick walk (make sure to find a reliable dog-walker if you can't always make it home to walk him yourself). When you do get home, your Pug will be eager for all the love and affection you can give.

The Social Butterfly

If you're the life of the party and you want to be able to take your furry friend along to picnics, brunch, and weekend trips to the Hamptons, the gregarious Beagle will make your perfect party partner. These happy-go-lucky critters like spending time with other dogs and new people, so you'll never have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable with your diverse group of pet parent friends.

The Bookworm

Think all dogs are bundles of energy who can't wait to get into trouble and won't fit into an introverted lifestyle? Think again. Surprisingly, some larger breeds love nothing more than to spend all day snoozing on the couch—like the 150- to 170-pound Newfoundland. While they'll be happy to venture out on a meditative nature walk with you, these gentle giants are incredibly perceptive and make fantastic cuddle buddies for those marathon afternoon reading sessions.

Regardless of what breed you pet parent or of your personality type, you'll always want to keep your dog healthy with nutritious food like ORGANIX®, America's No. 1 organic pet food brand, which always features either organic free-range chicken or turkey, or real lamb or salmon as the No. 1 ingredient.