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How Cotton Turns Your House Into A Greener Home: A Room-By-Room Guide

Brand Strategist By Devon Barrow
How Cotton Turns Your House Into A Greener Home: A Room-By-Room Guide

If we take a closer look at our own timelines, we'll find one common thread weaving through our best memories: cotton. It all started with the blanket we clutched as children and evolved as we discovered our favorite cozy fall sweater and learned to appreciate a snuggle-worthy set of bedsheets. Cotton has always been a source of comfort and convenience throughout our lives, but it has also been a source of sustainability... Whether we knew it or not.

When we think about cotton—a classic tee or cotton swabs may come to mind. But the reality is that cotton is everywhere. And we're better for it: Compared to man-made fabrics and synthetics, cotton is totally natural and becoming more sustainable. It's grown from the earth using renewable resources: rainfall and sunlight. Modern farming techniques allow the whole cotton plant to be used, not just the white, fluffy part. Which is part of the reason cotton is a surprising ingredient in unexpected things like U.S. currency and cooking oil!

When we compare cotton to the other man-made materials out there (found in abundance), it's clear to see how cotton is paving a greener path forward. Synthetic alternatives like polyester and nylon take a long time to degrade and release microplastics into our waterways when they're laundered. Studies have shown that 100% cotton degrades much faster and is considered fully compostable in large-scale composting settings. From farm to flannel, cotton is a more sustainable choice.

Nowhere is this choice more important than in our homes, where safety and comfort reign supreme. From nursery to bedroom, cotton cultivates natural comfort in our homes. It's truly The Fabric of Our Lives, and this room-by-room guide shows you how to make the most of it!


Shopping Cotton

It's no coincidence that the elements of comfort and convenience in our home often trace back to cotton. To get even more out of this natural and versatile fiber, shop cotton for your home!

Shop Closet

Fast fashion is one of the greatest threats to our environment. Cotton helps us establish a wardrobe that lasts, both in style and longevity, and nothing proves that more than a classic pair of blue jeans. This Good American Slim Hoodie is another example of why cotton knits are a closet staple. And if you haven't experienced the breathability of cotton activewear yet, you can start with these Electric Rose Sunset Leggings, which will keep you cool (and stink-free) in any sweaty adventure.


Shop Nursery

Every nursery should be a safe and snuggly sanctuary for our little ones to grow, and we can start them on a sustainability path young with 100% cotton products. It's always a good morning with adorable cotton onesies, and a good night with this cotton crib mattress pad. Cotton helps us parent more responsibly, down to the diapers: Check out the Pampers Pure Protection cotton disposable diapers or the Gerber Cloth Diapers.

Shop Bedroom Comfort

Our bedroom is a sanctuary of rest and relaxation—all the more reason to bring in the softness and breathability of cotton. Elevate your rest with 100% cotton sheets or this summery cotton blanket for extra layers of comfort. Wake up the next morning bright-eyed and ready to make the world a better place in these sustainable Cariuma Shoes, made from cotton canvas.


Shop Bathroom Products

Our morning and evening self-care rituals revolve around cotton, whether we realize it or not. Of course we love classic cotton products like cotton rounds and swabs, but maybe it's time to reinvent your ritual with the Yes to Cotton Comforting Facial Moisturizer and Burt's Bees Sensitive Eye Cream, made with Cotton Extract. Cotton helps make our routines softer and gentler all-around—these 100% cotton tampons and pads by Lola are hypoallergenic and made without synthetic fibers.

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