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5 Tips To Make Any Hotel Room Instantly Feel Like Home

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April 18, 2019

Travel has the ability to transform us, take us by wonder, and have us yearning for our next journey. But when you live out of a suitcase long enough, even the most wanderlusting souls (myself included) crave a sense of grounding. It’s human nature to nest, nurture, and carve out a place to call our own.

As a frequent world traveler, here are five tips that help me make any hotel room feel a bit more like a home.

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1. Pack travel-sized everything.

Bring a travel-sized version of every product you’re using at home along with you. This includes deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos and conditioners, makeup, skincare, and lotions—because you never know the quality of the products a hotel will offer. Plus, keeping up with a consistent skincare and hair routine will help keep your body on a normal schedule. For me, this has been a game-changer when it comes to preventing breakouts, dry hair, and excessively dry skin. Plus, it’s likely more eco-friendly to use your own products and leave the hotel goods for the next person.

You can either buy the mini versions of the products you’re using, or get small 3.4 oz containers to put your regular-sized products in and reuse on every trip.

2. Create a self-care ritual.

I always create a ritual for myself long before takeoff; one that I can lean on during mornings or nights on the road. Usually, it looks like 5-10 minutes of meditation and two cups of water to hydrate in the morning before jumping to social media, emails, and the rest of the world. For you, it could look like 30 minutes of yoga right when you wake up, a midday walk, or a journaling prompt.

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3. Get proper sleep—and bring the right tools.

There’s no denying that proper sleep is a key element of any healthy routine—whether you're at home or on the road. However, it’s not always so easy to get when you’re in a strange bed! I always take a piece of my bedroom with me when I travel by carrying along a black-out eye mask in case I'm in a bright room, two sets of earplugs (in case I misplace one), and a small, portable white noise machine to drown out any outdoor noises or loud neighbors.

4. Make your hotel bed and keep a tidy room.

Take a queue from mom and make your bed every morning—even when you're in a hotel room where someone else will do it for you. Remember: A clean, organized space allows for a creative and open mind. When you’re traveling, whether for work or leisure, you still want to make sure your mind and body are functioning at their best.

In addition, chances are your hotel room is on the small side. When you add on piles of clothes, half-empty suitcases, and an unkept bed, you’re left with no space to yourself. Instead, unpack as soon as you check in, organize your bathroom and mini-sized toiletries, shower off to clean off the travel germs, and put your now-empty suitcases away in a closet, off of the floor. If you are traveling with a laptop and have a desk in the room, maybe even set up a mini office space for yourself for any photos you want to copy, emails you need to write, or reflections you want to cherish at the end of an experience or excursion.

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5. Pack your favorite snacks.

We all have a favorite food or beverage that we like to have before bedtime or first thing when we wake up. And I’ll bet 99 percent of the times you stay in a hotel, what they offer in the mini bar or for coffee or tea probably isn’t exactly what you're craving.

Have a go-to tea? Bring some extra packets. Love a brand of instant coffee? Grab a few to go. Have a particular bread, almond butter, perhaps protein powder you love? Put it in your carry-on and bring with you. Real talk: I have a gallon-size bag I pack with my favorite snacks, just in case I can’t find what I love when I’m away. This also is usually a cheaper, healthier alternative than having to settle for something the hotel has to offer.

Having my own snacks is also a comfort—and that's something we could all use a little more of on the road.

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Sara Quiriconi
Sara Quiriconi
Registered Yoga Teacher

A 15-year cancer survivor, Miami-based Sara Quiriconi fell in love with yoga, well-being, and travel for its self-healing properties. An honors graduate with a bachelor's in graphic design from Fairfield University, she is also a registered yoga instructor (RYT-200) and certified health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). Quiriconi also authored Living {Cancer} Free.

Additionally, she is a producer, writer, and movement specialist, creating original fitness videos, blog posts, product reviews, eye-catching photography, and TV content. Quiriconi's mission is to share the message of living free through our own empowered choices and actions and having fun based on the principles in her manifesto created from life experiences, education, and passion for fitness, wellness, and traveling.