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Who Stole My Energy? How Difficult People Affect Your Aura

Rachelle Terry
July 26, 2012
Rachelle Terry
By Rachelle Terry
mbg Contributor
Rachelle Terry is a medical intuitive with a unique ability to see the mind/body link and interpret information in the energy field and its link with human behavior, life patterns, health and relationships.
July 26, 2012

You walk away from a conversation feeling exhausted. You see their name on an incoming call, and your stomach sinks.

Why is it that meeting with some people can uplift and inspire you while others leave you wanting to hide away in a dark room and, if we want to be dramatic, curled in the fetal position?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), all too rarely are you able to hide away in a dark room, let alone find a broom cupboard which could fit you, especially in the fetal position. The alleged energy sucker may be a work colleague, family member or in-law, and your interaction is obligatory. Of the “things that are not fun” category, this sort of meeting is one. Another is the knowledge that, at some point, you will have to do it all over again.

What have they done to you?

Well, if you're seeing what I am seeing, it is perfectly clear: a significant change has just occurred in your aura.

Your aura is producing what could be described as a thought bubble during every interaction and conversation you have. This thought bubble is an energy formation which consists of your feelings, thought patterns and defense mechanisms, specific to the interaction you are having. It then informs the body to respond in a particular way, sending a “Kapow,” “Boom,” or “Heeelllp” message to the endocrine system, instigating biological processes.

The thought bubble also informs me of how you are feeling, if I am observing your aura at the time. This idea could, of course, make you feel a little daunted but do not fret – (while we are on the comic book theme) I use my powers for good, not evil!

Your physical response may then range anywhere from fatigue to elation, depending on your own, subconscious beliefs about the person and what they represent. It is no wonder then, the notion exists that some people make us sick.

A client recently asked me to observe his aura while he brought to mind three different people with whom he was required to have business dealings. He explained that with each of them he found it difficult to negotiate as he would become extremely drained in their presence.

The following was observed:

  • The first person’s approach was invasive and demanding. I saw an explosion of electric and highly charged chaotic energy moving from him or her to my client. I could see that this person would lead to my client feeling frazzled by making demands beyond what he felt comfortable to meet, therefore requiring him to set stronger boundaries of his own. His panic about feeling manipulated was dispersing his energy and making his aura fragment. In order to combat this issue, I shifted my client’s pattern and activated within his field the ability to maintain his center and set strong, healthy boundaries.
  • The second person’s energy appeared like a large, heavy boulder. There was obstinacy in his or her approach to my client and the negotiation. The approach was attempting to overpower my client with the use of force. My client did not see the sense in the mental arm wrestle and found the experience exhausting and unnecessary. I focused on shifting the feeling of struggle and activating a sense of stillness, impervious to other’s behaviors.
  • Of all three people visualized, the third had the most benevolent energies. What I found interesting, however, was the fact that my client developed a sinking feeling in his stomach area which I saw as a heavy, purple energy. His response to his angst was to switch into an avoidance mode which appeared as a withdrawal of his energy, and a contraction of his aura, making him feel smaller. I mentioned that the person he had visualized had positive intentions and that he would most likely find that the lead up to seeing this person was far worse than the actual event.
  • My client smiled and said, “The last one was my mother.”

While it may be a common belief that you are capable of being drained by others, your energy is probably not being siphoned away by a vampiric pest. More likely, you are subconsciously blocking, scattering or switching off your energy in response to belief patterns you have about the other party. In other words, no one can steal your energy in the same way no one can steal your emotions. The downside of this theory is that blaming others will no longer be possible. The upside is that within you is the power to have it changed!

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Rachelle Terry

Rachelle Terry has had an ability to see energies and auras since childhood. Her parents encouraged the development of her gift from a young age. At age seven she was initiated to Reiki, an energy-based healing system and various other modalities and she continued to develop her intuitive and healing skills throughout her teens and twenties.

Rachelle has a unique ability to see the mind/body link and interpret information in the energy field and its link with human behavior, life patterns, health and relationships.

Presently she runs a therapy practice in which she helps clients across 13 countries and six continents. Her consultations are available in person and remotely via phone, Skype and FaceTime. In addition to one-on-one consultations, Rachelle also engages with groups to demonstrate her readings and bringing about powerful, healing shifts.