4 Bodyweight HIIT Moves That Are More Powerful Than Cardio

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Samantha Ortiz is a certified trainer, business owner, and Latina powerhouse commanding attention in the fitness space. After noticing that group fitness was inaccessible to many in her community, Ortiz co-founded the Brooklyn-based Triple Threat Bootcamp, where she champions inclusion and promotes health and wellness as the tools to change people’s lives.

As a fitness instructor, I train clients every day to feel their strongest. And one of the most effective ways to get there is with high-intensity interval training, also simply known as HIIT.

In HIIT workouts, you're pushing your body to its max energy output for about 30 seconds per exercise—and resting for about 15 seconds in between. You'll be getting your heart rate up and down, so if you're looking for a boring workout, this isn't for you! The thing I love about interval training is that when you really give it your all, HIIT may be even more powerful than steady-state cardio like running on a treadmill because HIIT produces a higher after-burn post-workout. In other words, your body still responds to those HIIT moves hours after your workout.

Want to know my absolute favorite go-to HIIT moves to get my heart pumping? You're in the right place! Watch my video above to see the four moves I turn to again and again. They target the major parts of the body: arms, legs, glutes, and core—and trust me, you're going to feel it. The best part is you don't need any equipment at all.

So carve out some time, wherever you are, and try it out! For a super-effective total-body workout, repeat this circuit for four rounds. I promise you'll work up a sweat and have a blast.

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