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Doing Everything Right But Still Not Feeling Your Best? Here's Why

Photo by Lydia Cazorla
September 12, 2017

Tears, frustration, a sense of hopelessness—unfortunately, this is a familiar scenario as many of my patients are experiencing these emotions when I meet them for the first time. And while the faces and stories are different, the struggle to find the best diet, lose weight, exercise, and capture that seemingly elusive prescription for health and vitality is a common battle for so many modern women.

My journey to a more holistic approach to medicine:

As an integrative and functional physician, I’ve spent the past decade listening to and treating all kinds of women from across the country. I started my medical career as a pediatrician and then an emergency room physician, all the while thinking I would eventually do intensive care. I loved procedures and action but quickly got derailed when my own health got in my way. I know that frustration and sense of discouragement all too well.

A lot of disappointing doctor visits sparked my interest and put me on a new path of studying nutrition and alternative medical systems like ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. I emerged from my journey licensed in acupuncture, a certified nutrition specialist and boarded in holistic and integrative medicine. I started my practice, CentrespringMD, where my team works to help bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, merge the worlds of conventional and holistic medicine, and set a new paradigm for medicine.

Photo: Lydia Cazorla

The five power types and why they're so important.

Seeing more than 1,000 patients in the last decade, I was able to hone my ability to merge multiple systems of medicine, and one day in particular I had an "aha" moment. Women, as complex as we are with our hormones, emotions, and specific medical needs, tend to fall into distinct types—power types as I am now calling them. And just like a blood type, hormone type, or body type, power types, which blended the knowledge across many systems of medicine, could help create a formula for women to follow to achieve optimal health.

These five power types: Gypsy Girl, Boss Lady, Savvy Chick, Earth Mama, and Nightingales, each has unique needs for diet, exercise, and supplements. They also correspond to a specific ayurvedic or Chinese medicine diagnosis and have a predictable hormone pattern. I would spend my early intake pulling together the pieces of their history, physical exam, and diets only to find that my lab values matched what I predicted. It was fascinating! I practiced this over and over again until the types became very clear, leading me to finally write and share this important work in my new book, Super Woman RX.

Those tears about and frustration with not being able to lose weight, maintain optimal energy levels, or being diagnosed with a disease (when all known health precautions were taken) were my motivations to write this book. I had to learn the hard way how to take care of myself. A fat-free diet with loads of running was the worst match for my adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances. Instead, I needed to be gluten-free, low dairy, and balance adrenaline-pumping workouts with calmer ones like yoga and Pilates.

Photo: Felix Hug

How your power type can lead you to optimal health.

Other patients, for example, will suffer from thyroid conditions but not realize that digestive issues may the root cause. Others might have anxiety but not realize that anxiety can benefit from specific nutrients and a tailored exercise plan. So many women are putting in the effort but not seeing results, and this is why power typing is so important. Following a vegetarian or vegan diet is essential for some types but a nightmare for others. Sugar is universally detrimental, but for an Earth Mama power type, it’s a downhill slide toward disease. By learning to identify your type, you can identify the best diet, supplements, exercise, and beauty regimens for you!

Each of the five power types described in Super Woman RX has been created by merging Chinese medicine meridian diagnoses with ayurvedic doshas, common nutritional deficiencies, and consistent lab abnormalities, hormone patterns, and even personality and emotional strengths and weaknesses. It has been so fulfilling to hear women say they identify with the power types and the accuracy of the medical and emotional conditions each power type faces.

It’s my hope that by finding your power type, you will change your health and your life. Super Woman RX is full of helpful tips and tools, including the Mojo Meter, a survey to help you recognize when you are out of sync with your body—an issue that many of us (yes, even me) still struggle with. Find your power type, get your Mojo back, and get ready because you’ll be unstoppable!

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