How To Create A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

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Living like a minimalist is appealing because it solves the problem of too much “stuff.” Aesthetically, the open space and lack of clutter calms the mind. Financially, purchasing only the essentials keeps your budget in check. Consuming less is inherently better for the well-being of our planet. And most of all, having fewer things brings more ease into everyday life.

This is especially true when it comes to clothing and accessories. Getting dressed can be a pain point if you’re not sure what fits, if you can’t find the pieces you need, or if you don’t seem to have the right shoes for your look. Putting together a capsule wardrobe is a system that solves for this problem. Having a limited amount of clothing and accessories to choose from makes selecting an outfit a breeze, ensures what you wear is cozy and comfortable, and, because there are fewer options, eliminates decision fatigue.

That’s where Allbirds comes in. Allbirds are the must-have shoe for wellness enthusiasts—they help you move effortlessly through the day, no matter where it takes you, from running errands, to yoga, to a long walk in the park, to work.

Their classic Wool Runner style—the one everybody in the wellness world knows and loves—is the perfect comfortable everyday shoe made from superfine merino wool. They are our go-to for mind-clearing walks, heading to yoga, or when you simply want to feel those cozy hygge vibes. The newest Tree Runner style is their most environmentally-friendly material yet. Sustainably sourced, responsibly harvested tree fibers are used to create a lightweight, breathable shoe so you can feel good in them and feel good about them, too.

But just because building a capsule wardrobe is awesome doesn’t mean it’s easy. In this video, yoga teacher, minimalist, and wellness writer Jules Hunt from Om & the City breaks down her version of a wellness capsule, which includes elements of sustainability, comfort, and functionality with Allbirds as an anchor. She’s always ready for what the day may bring, and looks effortlessly stylish while doing it!

To learn how to create a capsule wardrobe for yourself, and to see other elements Jules added to hers, take a peek at the video.

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