Everyone Is Talking About The Immersion. Here's Why

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Take a moment to daydream about your ideal vacation. It’s probably sunny, maybe somewhere near the rhythmically beating waves of the Pacific Ocean, and it definitely includes delicious, healthy foods. How about yoga every day paired with an ample amount of time for relaxation and self-reflection? After all, isn’t the goal to return home after a vacation feeling refreshed and not depleted?

Thanks to lululemon, your dream vacation is now a nearby reality. This May, lululemon is hosting its first ever public retreat, The Immersion, that will take place in sun-soaked Malibu, California. The retreat is organized with workshops, entertainment, and accommodations that highlight lululemon’s three pillars: sweat, relationships, and personal development.

For five magnificent days and four nights, you’ll experience a wellness enthusiast’s fantasy, topped with a well-curated lineup of activities that will leave you feeling more inspired, refreshed, and whole with each day. It’s the ultimate self-care experience that’s equally rewarding whether you attend solo or with a group of your fellow health-obsessed friends.

In case you needed any more convincing, here are three reasons to join in on lululemon’s Immersion retreat to enhance your overall wellness.

Photo: lululemon

Movement is focused on strengthening your body and mind.

During The Immersion, your body and mind will be challenged in totally unexpected ways, and you’ll grow physically and mentally stronger as a result. Each day, you’ll experience classes taught by local and global lululemon ambassadors, including vinyasa flows; kundalini classes that meld movement, meditation, and mantras; and HIIT. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in personal development sessions where you can talk freely about your wildest visions and goals (think: changing careers, starting a side hustle, improving your relationships) with experts who can help you make them a reality through lululemon’s brand of mindfulness practice called mindfulosophy™.

Plus, every guest will be gifted with lululemon outfits, not yet available in stores—so you can sweat in the season’s latest threads.

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The therapeutic benefits of Malibu's great outdoors is unmatched.

Every moment of The Immersion retreat will leave you feeling like you’re living in a health-oriented A-lister’s Instagram. And that’s all thanks to where you’ll be staying. The Calamigos Guest Ranch, nestled in nature amid the scenic Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu, will absolutely take your breath away. Luxurious rooms are perfect for relaxing and recharging at the end of a movement-filled day.

The grounds also feature spectacular views, access to hiking trails, close proximity to the ocean, and three separate pools. An added bonus? Spending time in natural settings, like this one, has been shown to offer benefits to physical health, cognitive performance, and psychological well-being—which perfectly complements the mind-body emphasis of the retreat.

Photo: lululemon

The opportunity to build your wellness tribe near and far.

Access to world-renowned yogis who can help you take your practice to the next level is one major way The Immersion sets itself apart from other wellness retreats, with intimate daily yoga classes led by lululemon’s Global Yoga Ambassadors and retreat hosts Janet Stone and Gloria Latham.

Janet Stone’s high-powered "yoga raves" classes include the beats and vibrations of bhakti musicians and hip-hop artists, and Gloria Latham’s focuses on kundalini yoga—best known for her high-vibration "yoga raves" that help students powerfully break through physical and mental barriers—leaving you with the best of both yoga worlds.

You’ll also be surrounded by 50 like-minded guests at The Immersion. This means that it’s large enough to meet a variety of new people with ease (the fun, energetic vibe helps with that), but it’s still intimate enough to connect and truly bond with your fellow health-conscious attendees over good food, live performances, and your passion for yoga and health.

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