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Here's The One Thing You Can Add To Your Everyday Wellness Routine For Big Impact*

Brand Strategist By Devon Barrow

Discover The Difference
A Daily Vitamin Can Make

At mbg, our sights are always set on our #1 intention: helping our community live healthier. And what we’ve learned over the years, is that the biggest changes are always made of small steps.

For many, one of the smallest yet important steps they can take is adding a multivitamin like vitafusion™ MultiVites Gummy Vitamins to their daily routine. Sure, you’ve seen multis on the shelves and have even tried to read through the ingredient list. But if that only left you feeling overwhelmed and forgetting which vitamin means what — welcome to the club. Consider this your starting point for understanding the essential nutrients you should look for in a multivitamin, and why!

Which Nutrients Best Support Energy?

What Nutrients Should I Focus On For Immunity?

What Role Does Folic Acid Play In My Health?

Why Should I Supplement Vitamin D If I Can Get It From The Sun?

illustrations by Danielle Vogl | MBG Creative


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