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Need A Reset? Here’s An Earth-Inspired Yoga Flow That You Can Do Outside

Branded Content Editor

When we spend time outside (even if it’s a city park), we naturally slow down and turn inward. Very similarly, yoga is an introspective practice that cultivates the same kind of pause. So what happens when you combine the two together?

You get our recent virtual yoga class, guided by international yoga instructor Emily Chen. In partnership with Amazon, this earth-inspired yoga flow helped us let go of our stresses and reconnect to our own true nature. And just in case you missed it (or want more), we’ve bookmarked this virtual all-levels class for anytime you need a fresh-air-inspired flow.

Create a healthy baseline

The most powerful part about what we do on the yoga mat is that it extends into life off the mat. At its essence, yoga is about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. As we learn to lean on our breath through a hard posture, we find ourselves more capable of dealing with life’s difficulties as well. Yoga helps us create a stronger baseline for navigating all of life’s ups and downs.

Amazon Halo

Measure activity, sleep, body composition, and tone of voice.

And the Amazon Halo helps us interpret that baseline. This screen-free health and wellness band helps us track our sleep, sedentary time, active time, body fat percentage, and more. Not only is it ideal for helping us optimize our daily wellness, but Emily Chen considers it a necessary tool for her yoga practice — alongside the blocks and straps!

Give your practice props

Yoga is all about supporting the body naturally — and for Emily, that starts with an eco-conscious outfit by prAna. For this outdoor practice, we suggest a yoga mat with extra padding, like the Amazon Basics Extra Thick Yoga Mat. And to give your postures a little lift, Emily recommends a couple yoga blocks, like these Amazon Basics Foam Yoga Blocks. With the right support, we can better focus on our body, breath, and the nature around us.

Take your practice outside

The beautiful thing about yoga is that you don’t need much for a blissful practice to unfold. Your body is the practice, meaning your yoga follows you wherever you go. Take Emily’s virtual yoga class al fresco and see what The Great Outdoors can do for your practice. Just look for a flat patch of dirt or grass to unroll your mat. Find some shade, or lather on the sunscreen! Your true nature is just a few relaxing breaths away.

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Devon Barrow
Branded Content Editor

Devon Barrow is a Branded Content Editor at mindbodygreen. She received her degree from the University of Colorado. When she's away from her desk, Devon is teaching yoga, writing poetry, meditating, and traveling the world. She's based in Boulder, Colorado.

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