We Tried All The Healthy Chocolate Bars To Find The 6 Best

Contributing Food Editor By Liz Moody
Contributing Food Editor
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Best healthy chocolates for 2019

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While we're all about the plethora of healthy treats flooding the market (Nut butter cups! Cookies! Brownies! Tarts!), sometimes you just want a good old classic chocolate bar. While these picks check all the chocolate bar boxes, they elevate the craft to a new level, with clean, ethically sourced ingredients, crave-worthy textures, and creative flavors that will leave you drooling. We tried all of the healthy chocolate bars on the market, and these were the best of the best.

Lily's Almond Dark Chocolate Bar With Stevia

Lily's has made its mark on the healthy chocolate industry by eschewing sugar altogether in its products, opting instead for stevia and erythritol for the sweet chocolaty taste. The result is a miracle of miracles: a 100% sugar-free delicious dessert that's perfect for diabetics, keto dieters, and people simply trying to cut their sugar intake. It still tastes, somehow, exactly like a high-quality chocolate bar, with no strange aftertaste to be found. We especially love this bar, which is studded with satisfying crunchy almonds. Dark Chocolate Bar With Stevia, Almond, Lily's ($3.69 for 1 bar)

Hu Kitchen Orange Dream Cashew Butter Dark Chocolate Bar

Hu's restaurants in New York City and all of their nationally sold products adhere to some of the strictest, most mbg standards we've seen. All of their chocolate bars are organic, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, sweetened with coconut sugar, and absolutely delicious, especially the ones with the unique flavors Hu is known for. Each square of this bar is filled with creamy cashew butter that's spiked with orange oil and vanilla—if the nut-butter-cup-like texture doesn't immediately win you over, the delicate floral flavor will. Orange Dream Cashew Butter Dark Chocolate Bar, Hu Kitchen ($25 for 4 bars)

Alter Eco Superdark Crisp Mint Chocolate

Alter Eco's new dark chocolate line features a whopping 90% cacao for deep, bold flavor with very low sugar (6 grams a serving). All of their ingredients are organic, and their chocolate is fair-trade (Alter Eco is a category leader in its work supporting small farmers and the environment). This bar is cut with bright, fresh peppermint oil, which balances the intensity of the bitter-leaning chocolate. Chocolate aficionados will fall in love with this one, which also works incredibly well in recipes. Super Dark Crisp Mint, Alter Eco ($3.99 for 1 bar)

Endorfin Foods Ginger & Rose Coconut Mylk Chocolate Bar

Endorfin Foods makes the unicorn of the healthy chocolate bar world—a "mylk" chocolate bar that's actually completely dairy-free. Sweetened with coconut sugar, these bars get their unique flavor from their inclusion of caramelized coconut, which adds a maillard-rich sweetness. This bar features a delicate rose flavor that cedes to a gently spiced ginger note, a seemingly strange combo that proves altogether addictive. Ginger & Rose Coconut Mylk Chocolate Bar, Endorfin Foods ($6.50 for 1 bar)

Eating Evolved Crunchy Caramel Chocolate Bar

The delightfully crunchy caramel bits in this bar come from caramelized maple syrup, and they taste like the top of a crème brûlée (aka the best part). The rest of the bar is no slouch either, with just four simple ingredients—organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, and, of course, organic maple syrup—somehow adding up to a creamy, rich, chocolaty treat. Plus, 88% of their ingredients are Rainforest Alliance Certified™, making this a bar you can feel good about eating, for your body and the world at large. Crunchy Caramel Chocolate Bar, Eating Evolved ($4.99 for 1 bar)

Enjoy Life boomCHOCOboom Dark Chocolate Bar

Made by fully gluten-free brand Enjoy Life, this chocolate bar contains just three simple ingredients: chocolate liquor, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. Fans of the brand will recognize the rich, dark flavor that's become an Enjoy Life signature and will love that it's gluten-free (including the processing facility), soy-free (including soy lecithin), dairy-free, and non-GMO. While you can just eat a bar plain, the classically perfect flavor makes it a great one to chop up and use in baking. boomCHOCOboom Dark Chocolate Bar, Enjoy Life ($2.19 for 1 bar)

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