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The 7 Best Boxing Gloves For Women, From A Certified Personal Trainer

Rachel MacPherson
September 11, 2023
Rachel MacPherson
CPT and certified nutrition coach
By Rachel MacPherson
CPT and certified nutrition coach
Rachel Macpherson is a CPT and certified nutrition coach.
best boxing gloves for women
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September 11, 2023
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The best boxing gloves for women:

There's so much more to boxing than pounding out your frustrations while working up a sweat. The sport is also beneficial to cardiovascular and mental health and your overall strength—and the best boxing gloves will bring the best results.

Research shows1 proper hand protection is essential for avoiding pain and injuries while boxing. After all, 90% of all upper-extremity injuries occur in the hands and wrists2, and fractures, dislocations, sprains, and degeneration of cartilage and tissue are all concerns with striking sports (especially if you're not using the best equipment).

The benefits of boxing

Studies show noncontact boxing, especially high-intensity group interval training, improves various mental health struggles, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

Boxing releases feelings of anger and stress, while improving mood, self-esteem, confidence, and concentration. It also boosts metabolism, strength, and coordination.

One in five women struggle with mental health, and boxing can be an incredible form of active self-care.

Boxing training can facilitate healthy weight balance and improve cardiovascular health, possibly even better than an equivalent amount of brisk walking.

A typical hourlong boxing training session burns about the same amount of energy as running 9 kilometers (about 670 calories).

Noah Neiman, co-founder and CPT of Rumble Boxing, previously told mindbodygreen, boxing is not only the "best endorphin high of your life," but "if we're talking physical benefits, those include fat burning, increased metabolism and muscle and cardiovascular fitness, improved muscular endurance and hand-eye coordination, and of course, stress relief, to name a few."

Who should use boxing gloves?

"Anyone who is boxing should have both hand wraps and gloves for protection," boxing coach Emily Jeanne advises.

This includes those who box in training, competition, or casual classes. If there is any contact with a sparring partner, bag, or padding, you should wear wraps and gloves.

If your form of boxing does not include any contact, then you likely don't need to use boxing gloves.

How to choose boxing gloves for women

To enjoy your boxing workout without pain, you'll need gloves that fit well and provide optimal padding and support at the right weight.

"Look for a glove that provides good padding to protect the knuckles, and the glove should be snug enough that your hands won't slide around in them but not so tight that they're difficult to get on," Emily says.

The weight of your gloves is also a primary consideration. Emily recommends a 14-ounce weight for beginners because it provides a decent amount of padding without being too heavy.

For intermediates, 16-ounce gloves are best, as they provide a little extra padding for stronger strikes and some added weight for resistance. "You wouldn't think 2 ounces is a lot, but it is!" Emily adds.

Our picks of the best boxing gloves for women:

Best expert-recommended: Venum Dragons Flight Gloves


  • Triple-density foam padding
  • Reinforced palm and thumb
  • Longer cuff for wrist support


  • Some say they’re not ideal for sparring


PU leatherFoam

Glove type:

BoxingMuay Thai

Glove weight:


Emily’s top pick for boxing gloves for women is the Venum Dragons Flight. “They have a good amount of padding, are comfortable, and run a little more snugly, so they fit women's hands well,” she says.

The brand designed these as a highly cushioned glove with reinforcements strategically placed in the palm and thumb to prevent common targets of strain and overuse. A longer cuff helps support the wrists, which is vital for women who tend to have more narrow joints and less dense bones.

Reviewers love how durable and well-made these gloves are and the way they shape to the hands over time.

Best for beginners: Everlast Elite ProStyle Training Boxing Gloves


  • Reinforced padding for hand and wrist
  • Hourglass-shaped wrist support for female boxers
  • Mesh ventilated lining


  • Only come in two weights
  • Velcro strap could be longer


Synthetic leatherClosed-cell foamMesh

Glove type:


Glove weight:


These gloves are specifically designed for female athlete's hands and wrists, with an hourglass-shaped wrist opening that has additional padding and support. Plus, more padding around the knuckles reduces impact and protects bones and joints.

Made from premium synthetic leather, these gloves are durable and come at an affordable price point. A ventilated mesh lining allows your hands to breathe while you work, preventing moisture build-up and slipping.

Customers say the Elite ProStyle gloves are surprisingly comfortable and cushioned while remaining light and easy to use. Smaller individuals preferred the 8oz size, while more experienced and larger women were happier using the 12oz.

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Best for heavy training: ALL DAY® Pro Balance Boxing Gloves


  • Reinforced wrist protection
  • Compression padding for heavy training
  • Moisture-wicking lining


  • Limited reviews


High-grade leather

Glove type:

Boxing (bag training, sparring)

Glove weight:


The perfect choice for hitting a heavy bag or sparring, these gloves are made from premium-grade leather with memory foam padding in the knuckles. They utilize compression technology for optimal bounce-back protection, so you’ll feel safer and more supported during higher-intensity work.

Extra protection for the wrists and forearms means hitting the heavy bag isn’t as risky on your joints and soft tissues. Lightweight-yet-durable materials make these gloves an excellent choice for serious boxers willing to invest in safety and quality.

While reviews are limited, customers agree these gloves are top quality and sturdy, with an incredible ability to absorb impact.

Best for kickboxing: RDX F12 Ladies MMA Gloves


  • Padded support
  • Ergonomic design


  • May run small
  • Not the most breathable


Faux leather

Glove type:

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)KickboxingMuay Thai

Glove weight:


Sizes available:

SmallMediumLargeExtra large

MMA gloves allow for individual finger movement for grappling, with padding to prevent injury. This pair does all of the above, while also providing support and protection against impact.

They feature an ergonomic design, sweat-wicking materials, and an open palm. The design is meant to reduce hand and wrist strain while boosting grip for light sparring and grappling.

Customers appreciate the durability and padding, along with this glove’s affordable price point. That said, some wish the gloves were a bit more breathable.

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Best for wrist support: Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves


  • Versatile gloves for multiple contact sports
  • Dual interlocking wrist strap support
  • Splinted wrist support


  • Some say they’re too stiff


Vylar® engineered leather

Glove type:

BoxingMixed Martial Arts (MMA)KickboxingMuay Thai

Glove weight:


These gloves are renowned for their wrist support and custom fit, with plenty of padding over the knuckles to reduce impact for safer contact without pain.

Your wrists remain supported due to a built-in sprint and dual interlocking wrist straps that keep them secure. Reviewers love the temperature-controlled material, which prevents moisture build-up and slipping, and the microfiber outer lining on the thumb, which is useful for wiping away sweat.

What’s more, these gloves can be used for Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

Best affordable: RDX FL3 Floral Boxing Gloves


  • Female-centered design
  • Washable, antibacterial outer layer
  • Extra wide wrist support


  • May be too tight for some
  • May take time to break in



Glove type:

BoxingKickboxingMuay Thai

Glove weight:


Sizes available:


These gloves were designed with female anatomy in mind. A narrower knuckle breadth ensures a superior fit for women, and additional multi-layer cushioning features, including foam and gel, provide shock absorption to help compensate for the lower bone density of female fighters.

Extra wrist support and a snug hook and loop closure provide more stability for smaller wrists, which are naturally prone to strain and injury. The perforated palm and moisture-wicking inner lining provide breathability and comfort.

Customers love the internal grip bar, which helps you make a fist inside the glove, even with hand wraps. People also rave about the beautiful design, plentiful padding, and the fact that these gloves are washable.

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Best for all levels: Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves


  • Splinted wrist support
  • Extremely durable
  • Soft, temperature control lining


  • Expensive
  • Take time to break in


Vylar® engineered leatherElastomeric resin3D printed lattice cushioning

Glove type:

Boxing (pads, bags, partner drills, sparring)

Glove weight:


This glove stands above the rest for ultimate comfort and protection. It’s made from high-tech, durable materials that provide ultimate padding and support.

A built-in splinted wrist support system with dual interlocking wrist straps means your wrists are kept in place, preventing injuries and strain. Additional unique features influce soft, temperature-controlled lining and ergonomic design, which keeps you feeling cool and comfortable.

Customers rave about the T3D Gloves, giving them the much-needed cushioning and support required to avoid pain and injuries. Multiple reviewers mention turning to these gloves in an effort to prevent ongoing issues with their thumbs, wrists, and knuckles.

How we picked

Expert insight

We worked with boxing coach Emily Jeanne to inform our selections and gain insight into what to look for in the best boxing gloves for women.


Boxing gloves for women need to fit women's hands in the weight that suits their experience level and size. We kept sizing options top of mind when selecting our picks.


High-quality gloves are safer, longer-lasting, and more comfortable. We looked for boxing gloves made from sturdy materials, including outer layers and inner padding.


While it's worth splurging on high-quality, durable gear, we stayed mindful of price, choosing options to fit a variety of budgets.

Comparing the best boxing gloves for women

ProductCostMaterialsGlove typeGlove weight
Venum Dragons Flight Gloves$85PU leather; FoamBoxing; Muay Thai8oz; 10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz
Everlast Elite ProStyle Training Boxing Gloves$55 Synthetic leather; Closed-cell foam; MeshBoxing8oz; 12oz
ALL DAY® Pro Balance Boxing Gloves$239High-grade leatherBoxing (bag training; sparring)10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz
RDX F12 Ladies MMA Gloves$27Faux leatherMixed Martial Arts (MMA); Kickboxing; Muay ThaiN/A
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves$159Vylar® engineered leatherMixed Martial Arts (MMA); Kickboxing; Muay Thai10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz; 18oz
RDX FL3 Floral Boxing Gloves$47FoamBoxing; Kickboxing; Muay Thai8oz; 10oz; 12oz
Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves$349Vylar® engineered leather; Elastomeric resin; 3D printed lattice cushioningBoxing (pads; bags; partner drills; sparring)10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz; 18oz

How to use boxing gloves

According to boxing glove manufacturer RDX Sports, putting on boxing gloves is relatively straightforward.

It's ideal to wear hand wraps under your gloves. Wraps protect the small bones in your hands and support your wrists to reduce the likelihood of a sprain, fracture, or soreness.

Once you have the wraps secured, here's how to get your gloves on correctly:

  • Place your hand inside the glove and press down inside, reaching into the glove as far as possible.
  • You should feel your hand curving with the glove's shape comfortably and naturally.
  • Make sure there is no space at the bottom of the glove, and then tightly wrap the Velcro strap around your wrist.

How should women's boxing gloves fit?

Women's boxing gloves should fit snugly and securely without being too tight. Ensuring the strap is wrapped tight enough will help keep your wrist in the correct position, preventing injuries due to wrist movement.

Your gloves should feel comfortable and be sized specifically for your hands. This means comparing the size of your hands to the brand's size guide or contacting customer service for help finding the best fit.

Keep in mind, the gloves need to fit your hand with wraps on. Gloves loosen a bit with continued use, so if they feel a bit tight at first, this could change once they're broken in.


What weight boxing gloves should a woman get?

Women tend to need lighter gloves than men and should start with an 8- or 10-ounce size. As you build more strength, you can go up to 12 ounces or above. It's a good idea to check size and weight charts to see which weight boxing gloves a particular brand recommends.

Is there a difference between men's and women's boxing gloves?

Not all brands offer gloves specifically designed for women. Those that do focus on a more supportive and snug-fitting wrist area, narrower knuckle breadth, and additional cushioning to protect smaller, less dense bones.

How should women's gloves fit?

Women's boxing gloves should fit snugly and feel supportive without being overly tight or restrictive. Gloves should have room to fit your hands with hand wraps and keep your wrists in place without movement. However, you shouldn't feel as though your circulation is being cut off—and the gloves should still be comfortable.

The takeaway

Boxing is a fun, stress-busting exercise that packs a mean punch for your physical and mental health. Still, as a combat sport that can include a lot of heavy contact, there is a potential for injuries, especially to the hands and wrists. Quality gloves provide protection, support, and comfort to prevent injury while you build your strength.

Meet The Experts

Rachel Macpherson is a CPT and certified nutrition coach.