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9 Reasons Why You Need Powdered Green Juice

February 27, 2014

When it comes to wellness, we've heard all the shoulds. "You should juice, you should eat right, you should exercise, meditate, have more sex!" We get it!

We're expected to accomplish a lot in a day, so it's good to know that when you skip a yoga class and choose that burger over the salad at lunch, there’s one reliable little thing that can keep you on track — The Daily Good. This powdered green juice can travel with you anywhere, and it's filled with 14 essential ingredients to make your life a little healthier and happier (even in the midst of all the chaos).

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Here are 9 reasons why The Daily Good will make your life better:

1. You can add it to the water or coconut water you're already drinking.

Even if you're in a hurry, it's super easy to add The Daily Good to your morning beverages while commuting to work.

2. It fits in the pocket of your jeans.

We know that green juice is available everywhere these days, but none of those other plastic and glass bottles of fresh juice will, literally, fit into the back pocket of your jeans. Lighten your load with ALOHA!

3. You can carry it through airport security. (That's right, TSA. This green juice is not a liquid!)

It's always a shame when your expensive bottle of fresh pressed juice won't make it through security at the airport, because we all know that the food (and drink) options on the other side of the metal detector can be pretty horrible. That's why you should take The Daily Good with you while traveling. You can even enjoy fresh juice in the air.

4. You'll save money.

You already feel guilty enough about your most recent shopping spree, so why spend $15 on a 8-oz bottle of fresh green juice or a $6 triple-shot almond milk latte every day? The Daily Good has super-energizing spirulina with coffee-like effects and — at only $2.50 a juice — costs far less than your current caffeine and green juice fixes.

5. You can keep it in your locker during a sweaty workout class.

Powdered green juice doesn't have to be kept cold, so if you're looking to skip the sugar-laden bevies that allegedly provide hydration, recovery and energy after a workout, The Daily Good is a perfect solution. It's electrolyte-boosting and has lots of good protein and amino acids for building muscle.

6. It actually makes you smarter.

It may not help you solve algebraic graph theories anytime soon, but it will certainly bring you one step closer. This green juice is packed with cognitive boosters like organic enoki mushrooms, wheat grass, and other healthy enzymes that promote brain function. So go ahead, start that Rosetta Stone you’ve been putting off.

7. It keeps you looking younger.

We all want to take better care of our aging bodies and although drooping skin and saddlebags may be in our genes, there are things we can do to slow them down. The revitalizing elixir in The Daily Good is great for collagen and elastin-building, which means brighter, healthier, glowing skin!

8. It's a fantastic hangover cure.

Let's be honest. Does anything really cure a hangover? Probably not. But on those once-in-a-while mornings when you wake up remembering all those tequila shots you took at the bar the night before, your body is most likely crying for the super-hydrating power of young coconut and detoxifying, organic wheatgrass. And... you can finally skip that bacon, egg ’n’ cheese that will really only make you feel worse.

9. It's full of fiber.

Most green juices lose valuable nutrients and fiber during the juicing process when the pulp and skin are disposed. This is not a problem with The Daily Good. Its high-quality, whole food ingredients are pureed then gently dried in order to preserve all the goodies.

Click here to try a sample of The Daily Good for free today!

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