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Your Pre-Sleep Checklist: 7 Tips For Sleep Success

Brand Strategist By Meg Phillips

Sleeping well doesn’t come naturally to many. In fact, for most people, it’s a skill that’s learned and finessed over time, not unlike your favorite acai bowl recipe or that infamous crow pose in yoga. Whether you’re struggling to fall and stay asleep, or simply want to optimize your nightly rest, we’ve got the 7 essential tips you need to know to wake up refreshed. Watch the video below, and start preparing for your best sleep yet. 

  • Keep things cool: Be mindful of the temperature of your sleep environment, somewhere around 65 degrees fahrenheit serves your body best. There’s nothing worse than overheating (or cold feet!) when you’re trying to snooze. 
  • Be mindful of caffeine and alcohol: Quit those late afternoon coffees and pre-bed cocktails, your body will thank you in the morning.
  • Skip the late night snacks: Don’t create more work for your body to do overnight, you do enough during the day! Digestion disrupts your sleep cycle.
  • Get off Instagram: Nothing in your social feed is worth the impact that blue light is going to have on your zzz’s.
  • Pick a bedtime: They’re not just for kids, bedtimes help you maintain your body’s biological rhythm.
  • Quiet the noise, relax your racing mind: Reach for Bose Sleepbuds to set your sleep soundtrack, whether it’s pure and blissful quiet, or soothing sounds to ease your body to rest.
  • Make a plan and personalize it: Many of us embrace a morning routine, and then let our “off duty” selves operate without a regimen when the sun goes down. No need to be militant, but embracing nightly pre-sleep habits and rituals can have a real positive impact. Experiment with Bose Sleepbuds, evening meditation, or even something as simple as a post-work walk around the block!

Being conscious about how you approach sleep will change how you wake up… period. At mbg, we like to say your morning routine starts at night, and with a little help from Bose Sleepbuds, your evening peace and quiet will lead to energized mornings. Who says we all can’t rise and shine?


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