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5 Tips For Feeling Empowered & Confident This Summer

March 29, 2021
Branded Content Editor
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March 29, 2021

This time each year, we can't help but daydream of warmer weather and summer fun. And given the last year or so, we're ready to shake some stress off and reconnect to the good things in life. But ever notice how preparing for summer seems to be inseparable from conversation about diets and beach bodies? Well, we're inspired to rewrite that narrative. This summer we plan to sidestep the pressure and set our sights on what really matters: feeling confident.

Confidence: the new way to do summer.

It's easy to fixate on "looking our best" as summer makes its (all-too-slow) approach. But in terms of actually enjoying summer, the ticket is feeling our best through unshakable confidence. Why? Because research has linked high confidence and self-esteem to greater happiness—simple as that. It's all about cultivating an intentional lifestyle and choosing products like Sculpt supplements (found at The Vitamin Shoppe) that help women feel their best by supporting nutrition and fitness.

The thing is, confidence seems to have a mind of its own... It's not exactly reputed to show up when we need it most. But science does tell us that confidence is a quality we can actively create more of through practices like learning and ritual. So we've done the digging to share the most helpful tips for feeling your most physically confident this summer because you deserve all the fun under the sun:


Enhance your daily routines with positivity, like mantras for self-acceptance.

A positive mindset is the baseline for creating confidence, especially as we weather the inevitable obstacles and setbacks of everyday life. A little bit of positivity in your daily routine goes a long way. Use a daily mantra that helps build physical confidence, like "I love and accept my body exactly as it is." Science has proved that affirmations activate positive pleasure centers in our brain1, meaning they help us feel our best. The Sculpt Day Kit is a supplement that also uplifts your daily routine while helping to curb cravings and maintain energy levels.


Choose types of exercise that you actually enjoy.

What if we could get ready for summer without forcing cardio? (Sigh of relief.) The joy of moving how we please, versus pressuring a certain workout, is much more friendly for confidence-building. Take a Zumba class, bounce on a trampoline, try some pole fitness dancing or aerial silks. Connect to movement that reminds you how amazing and capable your body is. Don't forget to energize with the Sculpt Body Burn supplement, as its cutting-edge, natural formula turns fat into energy. Fuel that self-love! 


Place more priority on quality rest and relaxation.

When we're tired, cranky, and leaning on caffeine, we're unlikely to feel bursting with confidence. Studies show2 that good sleep is associated with more optimism and self-esteem—but if you find yourself trading hours of sleep for streaming, you're not alone. Prioritize your rest routine with guided meditations—like yoga nidra before bed, to help clear your mind of negative self-talk. Help your body push the reset button with the Sculpt Night Kit. Your nighttime ritual is connected to starting the next day with a spring of confidence in your step.


Focus on clean eating and detoxifying your system.

As we embrace our most confident selves, it's helpful to let go of what no longer serves us, on every level. That includes cleansing and detoxifying our body to better support our modern lifestyles. But instead of going wild on beet juice for days, try simpler solutions like the Sculpt Slim Kit—made from clean ingredients with detoxifying properties. Pair this supplement with more plant-based meals in your rotation. Clean, nutritious ingredients help us feel good inside and out.


Don't forget about healthy indulgence and having fun.

Sometimes, in our focus on staying healthy, we forget that our bodies are designed to enjoy healthy indulgence and fun. There's so much empowerment in simply acknowledging the pleasure potential of our body (is this a good theme for this summer or what?). Nourish yourself with a spa treatment or bodywork. And if you eat the dessert, savor it unapologetically! For extra support, try out the Sculpt Cheat Day supplement, which prevents the body from storing sugars as fats. We all deserve a gluttonous cheat day from time to time!

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Remember, confidence comes from within.

We're all susceptible to falling for the mind trick that once we look a certain way, we'll finally feel like our best selves. But confidence starts on the inside and is a lifestyle of feeling good and appreciating our bodies. Sculpt supplements, available at The Vitamin Shoppe, help us tend to important factors like health and fitness. Make a statement with us this summer, remembering that feeling physically confident is just one positive thought away!

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.