5 Things You Need To Know Today (April 30, 2018)

1. Are outdoor preschools about to go mainstream?

Children around the world are spending more time indoors than ever before. In response, "nature preschools" are popping up around the United States to help kids spend every day, rain or shine, immersed in nature. The number of them has grown at least 500 percent since 2012. (The Atlantic)

2. Seniors are turning to cannabis for relief.

Loss of appetite, pain, and joint stiffness are just a few of the common issues seniors encounter that might benefit from cannabis. As a result, dispensaries are offering discounts and educational programs for people ages 60-plus, and in some cases even free shuttle buses to get there and back! (CNN)

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3. Autism is on the rise.

A new report from the CDC and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder is up 15 percent over a two-year period. (Science Daily)

4. This device could help doctors better treat joint pain.

A new non-invasive device developed by a University of Wisconsin–Madison team can now detect tendon pain via the patient’s skin. So far, the device has been tested on the Achilles, hamstring, and patellar (knee) tendons. The device taps on the skin about 50 times per second as patients perform activities like walking or running. The tapping triggers a series of vibrational waves that travel through the tendon—the faster the waves travel, the tighter the tendon. (New Atlas)

5. What's the deal with alkaline water?

More science has been revealed on the possible side effects of the water. Impaired growth and damaged cardiac muscles are just two of the potential risks linked to alkaline water consumption, and doctors believe there might be more. (NYT).

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