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4 Stress Management Tips For Women Trying To Balance It All

October 05, 2021
Branded Content Editor
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October 05, 2021

As modern women, we pride ourselves on being able to do anything we set our minds to. Maybe that looks like unleashing our entrepreneurial spirit on the world. Or the full-time job of raising a family. Or saying goodbye to familiarity and traveling the world solo. Maybe it even looks like all the above...

But the long story short is: As women, we continue to prove that we can balance it all and then some. So the question is not just what can we do but how healthy and happy can we be while we do it?

Women are more stressed than men — what's the deal?

Recognizing our limitless potential, women have become beautifully multidimensional. Simultaneously, according to the Journal of Brain & Behavior, women are nearly twice as likely as men to be affected by stress. And while the reasons naturally vary, one journal postulates that "women tend to report greater stress and more stressful life events than men, potentially because of their different roles in family life and work."

But we're not just more affected by stress; we also experience it differently... For example, women are more likely to report physical and emotional signs of stress. And that's why, when it comes to stress management, women benefit most from targeted support. This is precisely what the Winged women's wellness products, available at The Vitamin Shoppe®, are all about: the unique needs of the modern woman. As founder of Winged Jess Mulligan describes:

"There has never been a more important time for women to be able to access ways to help alleviate stress. Since the pandemic began, most people's stress levels have increased, but women especially have had to bear the brunt of the new realities. For example, 2.5 million women had to leave the workforce as they bore the responsibility of taking care of the kiddos during at-home schooling. Winged strives to make products that specifically help women with stress and mood because when a woman isn't feeling stressed or overwhelmed, she is unstoppable."*

Image by Ivan Ozerov / Stocksy

Tips for women and stress management

Women experience stress from a variety of factors, like hormones and female-specific sleep struggles. And that's why Winged products, created by women for women, are an ideal system for stress support—covering important areas like sleep, mood, and energy.* The stress that comes with being a woman, and doing it all, is real. But with these four stress management tips, we hope to take some of that weight off your shoulders!

1. Hormones are tricky, but seek support to keep them balanced.

With a roller coaster of hormones cycling through the body, it's no wonder women experience stress differently than men do. Research1 has shown that the menstrual cycle is a critical factor in stress sensitivity and that stress actually worsens menopausal challenges2. The relationship between stress and hormones is undeniable, which is why hormonal support like Winged Happy Start Mushroom Powder is key to stress management.* As a mood-boosting adaptogenic powder that can be added to any morning drink of choice, this daily mood support is made of mushrooms and adaptogens to maintain healthy hormonal balance.*

Winged: Happy Start Powder

Adaptogens like ashwagandha, maca, shatavari, and reishi prepare your body to handle stressful situations and support a healthy hormonal balance, while feel-good ingredients like lemon balm, lion's mane, and L-tyrosine keep you in the right frame of mind all day long.

2. Make sure that you're getting plenty of *uninterrupted* sleep.

Adults who sleep less than eight hours a night experience more stress than those who sleep at least eight hours. But for women, it's even more complex, as hormonal swings can interrupt our sleep cycle3. The female-specific formula of Winged Sleepyhead Gummies not only contains melatonin, L-theanine, 5-HTP, and GABA for deeper sleep, but it also includes chaste tree berry extract, known to promote hormonal balance.* Plus, with passionflower, jujube, and lemon balm extracts, these delicious gummies help to quiet the mind as your head hits the pillow.*

Winged: Sleepyhead Gummies

Sleepyhead contains a synergistic blend of nutrients like melatonin, jujube, passionflower, and lemon balm to settle your mind and nudge you into sleep, plus GABA, L-theanine, and 5-HTP team up to help you stay asleep and support sleep quality.

3. Support your energy levels with nootropics and mushrooms.*

Every woman knows a thing or two about juggling tasks... On a work call, at the grocery store, with a kid on your hip? Been there. Adequate energy levels are critical for staying ahead of the stress curve, and that's where Winged Rise Up Energy & Focus Gummies come in. Formulated with nootropic alpha-GPC and lion's mane, these gummies support brain health to promote clarity.* And for sustained energy (minus the jitters of an afternoon latte), they include extended-release caffeine, as much as a cup of green tea, to help you cruise through the afternoon and hit that to-do list out of the park.*

Winged: Rise Up Energy & Focus Gummies

Combining healthy energy nutrients like naturally sourced caffeine, vitamin B12, ashwagandha, and iodine to support a female's physiology and brain-boosting nootropics like Alpha-GPC, Huperzine A, lion's mane, and L-theanine to keep you focused, one tasty gummy is all you need.

4. But ... know when to say no.

And yet—sometimes there won't be enough hours in the day to get it all done... And that's OK. A central element of stress management is knowing when to say no and strategically planning for chill time. For those sweet, quiet moments—make sure you have the Winged Chilled Out Powder elixir on hand. With magnesium and ashwagandha root extract, this blood-orange-flavored powder (mixed in your drink of choice) promotes a better mood and a calm mind.* Research says that many women have inadequate magnesium intake from their diet4, so you know this formula has your back. 

Winged: Chilled Out Powder

Packed with female-focused relaxing nutrients, this formula is designed to settle the mind and relax the body. A blend of two highly absorbable forms of calming magnesium is combined with the stress-busting adaptogen ashwagandha, plus mood-elevating nutrients like lemon balm, 5-HTP, and L-theanine.

Steppingstones to success.

As busy women, engaged with the world, the most important thing we can do for our stress levels is to recognize that we have unique needs. The many roles we play, plus our ever-fluctuating hormones, require a specialized approach to stress, and Winged women's wellness products at The Vitamin Shoppe cover the bases.* As women, we may have factors that make us susceptible to stress... But with enough awareness, we can turn these factors into the steppingstones to our success.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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