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12 Things Active Women Do Every Day

August 17, 2015

Living a truly vibrant, energized life is a daily choice. It comes down to the first thought you choose to believe upon waking, the food you select to nourish your muscles and cells, the way in which you decide to move your body, from your yoga mat to your commute to work.

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Here are 12 things active women choose to do each and every day.

1. Connect with their tribe.

A tribe is the sisterhood that supports and sustains us on the best and worst of days. It’s our 6 a.m. run club, the employees we sneak out with for fresh air, and our tango partner. It’s the connection that gets us moving on the slow days, pushes us further on the good days, and provides laughter every step of the way.

2. Figure out a way to move.

Movement might come in the form of a jumping jack, a deadlift, or a hip-hop sequence, but a truly active woman finds a way to move several times a day — no matter what tasks her job throws at her or how many martinis are in her future. Movement doesn’t need a celebrity trainer or a boutique studio name attached to it to do your body and soul good. After all, a 2014 study found that just one minute of intense exercise improves health and wellness.

3. Make healthy food choices.

We have a choice three or more times a day to guide our bodies along a path of optimal wellness through nourishment. Whether it’s taking time at the beginning of the week to prepare meals or pausing at the beginning of a meal to select a nutritious dish, making conscious food choices is arguably the most important step toward living an active life.

4. Properly fuel and recover from workouts.

Whether you get your sweat on through running, sun salutations, or dance parties, nutrition is the secret to transitioning from one activity to the next, and hydration is the most important tool for making it through a workout. Active women drink more than eight glasses of water a day, especially when the heat is on.

5. Fit fitness into the 9-to-5 job.

Swap that stiff office chair for an exercise ball. Encourage your co-workers to join you in an afternoon push-up contest. Break up your conference call with a dance party. Movement stimulates the mind, sparks new ideas, improves mood, and, well, is fun! It’s good for the body, soul, and possibly your bottom line. Luckily, more companies are setting aside time for midday yoga classes and evening strength training.

6. Listen to their bodies.

Our bodies speak to us every moment, through our cravings, our pain, and our instincts; however, we often miss the messages because we’re stuck too deep in our heads. Active women know how to get quiet, to move their consciousness from their thoughts into their thighs, and then to trust that what their cells are calling out for — whether that’s an afternoon walk or an occasional treat — is just what they need.

7. Have a structured restorative practice.

In the movement of life, it can become easy to forget the importance of stillness, the necessity of reflection, and the beauty of solitude. Developing a regular restorative practice, from a 10-minute morning meditation to a weekly hike, ensures that your body and mind receive the rest and self-love they need to continue operating at full speed the rest of the time.

8. Show gratitude for the little things.

Expressing gratitude is the most direct channel to telling the universe what you’d like more of in your life. Focus on feelings rather than on things — like the sense of community that brightens your morning at a local juice shop or the thrill of adventure you feel when doing a new activity after work.

9. Appreciate the body and what it can do.

Gratitude is the key to creating more of what we want in life. The more often we thank our body for turning our wildest dreams into our incredible realities, the more likely we are to treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

10. Treat the body with respect.

Speaking of respect, even the most intelligent and ambitious woman would find it impossible to regulate and control the millions of functions the body handles every day, every hour, every moment. Our bodies are more advanced than the most complex smartphone and deserve to be respected, loved, and nourished so they can work their magic.

11. Inspire others.

The energy, radiance, and positive vibes of an active woman stretch far beyond herself. As a woman steps into her power, others will quietly begin to watch and wonder what impact a regular yoga practice, occasional green juice, or afternoon walk might open up for them. As we become lighter and happier, we inspire and silently encourage others to do the same. Be the light, spread the light.

12. Set realistic expectations.

Life is a journey, and even the best-intentioned plans sometimes go awry. Thankfully, a flexible spine gives way to a flexible mind, giving us the power and patience to anticipate and adjust to life’s many changes. Being gentle on yourself and setting realistic, attainable goals not only increases confidence, but also gives you room to dance with the adventure of life.

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
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