The Simplest (& Sexiest) Superfood Smoothie

Simplicity is sexy. And clever.

And that’s what this smoothie is about. Use five ingredients and magically convert it into a 20 ingredient superfood smoothie.

All you need is to leverage someone else’s ingeniousness. In this case, Bright Earth’s Rainbow Superfood Smoothie mix (SSM). It has 15 ingredients, of which 13 are superfoods, including cacao nibs, maca, blue-green algae, noni, mesquite, camu camu, cinnamon and ginger.

No more opening 13 bags of individual superfoods to create the ultimate smoothie and you can non-guiltily say no to the $20 superfood smoothie that you know some opportunistic juice store will be selling soon.

For this smoothie, you’ll combine the SSM with almond milk, berries, raw vegan protein powder and organic bee pollen and voila, a simple and seriously sexy superfood smoothie!

Serves 1:

• 8oz of unsweetened almond milk such as Almond Breeze (or make your own)

• 3/4 cup of frozen organic mixed berries

• serving of raw vegan protein powder such as Garden of Life’s Raw Protein

• 1 tsp Rainbow Superfood Smoothie mix (SSM)

• 1 tsp organic bee pollen

• 1 tsp coconut crystals (optional)

If you don’t have access to the Rainbow Superfood Smoothie mix, I’ve got the perfect 2013 business goal for you…

Dana James

Triple Board Certified Functional Nutritionist
Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN is a Columbia University-educated nutritional therapist and founder of Food Coach NYC. She holds her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and is trained in nutrition biochemistry, functional medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy. She believes that food should be viewed as nourishing, joyful and fundamental to self-care. Her goal is to help women break their antagonist (and often obsessive) relationship with food and their body. She believes that true beauty stems from grace, dignity and embracing our idiosyncrasies that make us unique and imperfect. Dana created "How to Ditch Sugar" video series for mindbodygreen. Check out the program here: How to Ditch Sugar. Dana coaches one-to-one, runs workshops in NYC and LA, and holds teleseminars on various topics that help women lead a more beautiful and balanced life. To connect more with Dana, check out her Instagram account and sign up for her bi-weekly Sunday evening emails.
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Dana James

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