This Personalized New Moon Ritual Will Help You Manifest Your Heart's Desire

This Personalized New Moon Ritual Will Help You Manifest Your Heart's Desire Hero Image
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New moons are traditionally a time of cleansing, preparation, and planting. Those rituals may have evolved from early farmers' observations that seeds planted during the new moon grew better than those planted at other times, which lead to new moons becoming a time of sowing.

This can be a fruitful approach to incorporate into modern lives. While most of us don't have literal soil to till, our bodies are our
gardens and our wills are our gardeners, (Shakespeare said that) so tending to them with the diligence and affection we might bestow on a garden is both a beautiful perspective and a healthy habit.

How to create a new moon ritual:

1. Pick your place.

Choose a place to hold your ritual. This may be a corner in your home or somewhere outside. Try to choose a place that will remain undisturbed over time, and that you can return to again during future full and new moons. Decorate it with a couple
of inspiring objects.

2. Cleanse.

Prepare the space by cleansing it (first, make sure it's alsosimply cleaned up). Burn incense or a candle, use a flower or some sage to clear the air.

3. Focus.

Remove distractions and give yourself at least a few minutes ofbundisturbed quiet time. Breathe, clear your mind, relax, and consider
gently what it is you'd like to "plant."

4. Sow a seed.

Visualize the birth of your want. See it beginning. Don't rush anything, but imagine it taking root and starting the growth process. If it's helpful to write your intention down, or to mentally project it onto an object (like a crystal, photo, or
keepsake) definitely do so.


5. Close.

Express gratitude to yourself and to what's around you for the gift of time and space for the ritual. Then, note the date of the next full moon, which is when your little seed will have grown to its next stage of life. Plan to spend a minute or two every day until then to recall your seed. Mentally water, weed, and check in on it!

As you can see, this practice is nondenominational, employs a variety of habit-forming elements, and can be valuable for personal or
professional wellbeing, regardless of your lifestyle or spiritual beliefs.

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