3 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Intuition

Written by Heather Alice Shea
3 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Intuition

Intuition may be a hot topic, but it's still very misunderstood. While many of us have accepted the idea that trusting our gut instinct is one of the surest ways to make better decisions, not everyone is peachy keen on the idea of following their heart and seeing where it takes them.

If you're not sure how to fully tap into your intuitive abilities, consider these three common myths that may be holding you back. I hope they help you embrace the idea that you are an intuitive being capable of developing this powerful skill. When used properly, it can enhance and enrich your life—no superpowers necessary.

1. Intuition is a special gift.

The ability to send and receive intuitive information isn't a special ability some people are born with and others are not. All human beings are intuitive beings. Just like you can learn how to play a piano or ride a bike, you can learn to harness and hone your innate intuitive power.

This is a confusing concept when you consider the fact that most people who are highly psychic or intuitive seem to have just been born that way. And that's true to an extent. Intuitive beings are simply born with a high baseline intuition, just like some people are born with exceptional musical, academic, or athletic abilities. Kobe Bryant has an incredible talent for basketball, Beethoven had an insane knack for tickling the ivories, and intuitives have a talent for picking up on energy that's outside the typical human sensory range.

With practice, however, you can learn to do the same.


2. Intuition is supernatural.

We view normal human communication as talking, writing, reading, and seeing/observing—not tapping into subtle forms of energy. But just because intuitive communication takes place outside the mainstream doesn't make it supernatural. Not even close. Intuitive communication is as natural as breathing.

You send and receive intuitive information every moment of your life, and you do it as naturally, effortlessly, and unconsciously as you blink.

3. Intuition is spiritual in nature.

While it is true that most people who are highly intuitive express an interest in the esoteric, that doesn't make intuition spiritual by nature. Instead, intuition is a form of human communication that gives us access to a broad range of physical and nonphysical sources of information and intelligence.

Even if your intuitive abilities allow you to connect with superhuman intelligences (spirit guides, angels, etc.), you spark that dialogue in a way that is entirely human and terrestrial in nature.

Also, it's entirely possible for a person to be highly intuitive and not want to have anything to do with spirituality, evolving into a better person or connecting with something or someone divine. After all, history is replete with examples of people who were intuitive as hell but did perfectly horrible things with it. I believe it's accurate to say that intuition is more creative in nature than spiritual.

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