I've spent fifteen years as a makeup artist and natural beauty expert. Talking to women, teaching them, and holding their faces in my hands has taught me that the most beautiful people I know radiate something special which reflects balance, happiness, and nourishment.

Achieving this balance is to accept that it's a lifelong journey. One part of this balance is considering what we put on and in our bodies, which, when done wisely, makes us more equipped to handle the stresses of life. This ability is vital, as stress can negatively impact all of the systems of the body. And since our skin is our largest organ, in order to look good, we MUST feel good.

Connecting to nature on every level is really important to my stress reduction, self-care, and wellness practices. Here are some of my favorite ways that I take care of myself every single day.


Photo credit: Tamara Muth-King

My morning ritual is really important to me as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. After waking up I'll boil some water and add lemon or ginger to stimulate my digestive fire. I then like to sit as close to nature as I can, by a window where I can feel the breeze or, if I'm able to sit outside, as close to the ground as possible. I'll meditate wherever I land for 10-20 minutes. I buy fresh flowers every week (my faves are lilies and tulips), and if I can't get outside to meditate, I'll use them to connect to nature.

Next, I'll move my body through yoga poses before hopping into the shower. One of my favorite and easy routines is to dry brush or exfoliate my body with a scrub, Éclair Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub. Brushing or scrubbing my skin is great to exfoliate, boost my circulation, and detox my lymph. If I’m feeling sluggish or jet lagged in the morning I'll add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to the floor of my shower and magically transform it into an invigorating spa experience.


Photo credit: Tamara Muth-King

My afternoons are always different, but they are always in need of some grounding and slowing down. I keep a rose hydrosol with me to spray on my face to freshen up my makeup and rehydrate my skin.

I tend to crave caffeine in the afternoon but know that is a bad idea for my sleep cycle, so instead I'll make myself a chaga tea or some iced golden milk. My friend Olivia Clementine has a Restore & Calm blend with adaptogenic herbs like ashwaganda and chaga. She also has a Golden Vitality Blend with anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger—two of my favorites for the afternoon. I also like to enjoy a bowl of warming root veggies—to balance my doshas—paired with some sauerkraut or kimchi.

I love going for an afternoon walk to oxygenate my body with fresh air; it brings me creativity. I try and convince people I'm meeting with to have more walking meetings, which it's easier in California than in New York. In New York people prefer to sit in a coffee shop or office, so I will try to meet at a place like Maison May, a high-vibe organic French cafe with yummy food and teas.


Photo credit: Tamara Muth-King

A favorite evening ritual is to create a healing oasis with incense and candles, and jump into a tub filled with Epsom salts and essential oil blends like Éclair Naturals Effervescent Bath Salt to help release my lower back tension. Bathing is a huge part of my routine, and my number one rule when moving into a new home is that it must have a bathtub! I take my soaking rituals very seriously and make time to bathe daily no matter what is going on in my life. I'll put on a homemade raw honey and whole milk organic yogurt face mask and tune into either a guided meditation or a podcast. My current favorite is The Herbal Highway.

I make sure to massage my body with a hydrating moisturizer, focusing on my foot reflexology points to calm my energy and release any built up tension from the day. Using a product with oil plus emollient ingredients is important to lock in moisture and protect my skin. Éclair Naturals All-Over Lotion in French Lavender smells amazing.

Once I am bathed and moisturized, I slip a dried lavender sachet into my pillowcase and crawl into my Parachute sheets. The highlight of falling asleep is finding where the sachet is in my bed and inching toward it, pretending I'm in the South of France...