3 Simple Things You Can Do To Organize Your Life Right Now

Written by Francesca Verri

Photo by Twenty20

You know how the saying goes: "Out with the old, and in with the new."

Lightening the load feels good, especially during this time of year. (After all, January is National "Get Organized" Month.) Cluttered and disordered spaces cause us stress, feed our anxiety, and clog our surrounding energy. It's important to let go and purge in order to create a calm, light environment. And creating a habit daily or weekly around organization will assure that your lightness isn't fleeting.

Start by making the difficult choices necessary for a large-scale declutter. Decide what no longer fits in your life and disregard that which doesn't belong in your vision for the future. Recognize the objects that don't give your space the boost of confidence and beauty it deserves. Then continue to work, because organization isn't a one-and-done deal.

Once you make it a priority to constantly check in with yourself and your space, it will be much easier to adopt a healthy, organized lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you make organization a habit:

1. Use your calendar.

Don't rely on a cluttered home to remind you that it's time to purge. Schedule an hour on your calendar every month or two to do a mini-purge. You can also choose a different area of the house to tackle every time a calendar reminder comes up.

2. Tidy up daily.

Put things back where they belong to create a calm, clean environment. It helps you make lots of important decisions easier. Set a time each day to spend five minutes literally putting things back where they belong. This could be picking up toys, hanging up coats, or putting away the laundry.

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3. Pay attention to what sticks out.

We tend to ignore those miscellaneous items that hang out on flat surfaces (a place where nothing should really "hang out" for long). Places like the counter, desktop, bed, and floor. The more those things just hang around, the more annoyed, perhaps subconsciously, we become. That kind of clutter also breeds other clutter, so make a point to keep your exposed surfaces clean, and it will inspire clarity throughout your entire space.

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