5 Things I Wish More People Understood About Psychic Readings

Written by Thomas John

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As soon as Thomas John set foot in the mbg office a few weeks ago, we knew he was the real deal. The skeptics among us walked away as converts, having communicated with their ancestors through Thomas in ways they never dreamed possible. Here, the highly sought-after medium and intuitive whose celebrity clientele includes Jennifer Lopez and Courteney Cox shares his top insights from the other side.

Most people are innately curious about psychic readings. They want to learn more about the energy that surrounds them, the future that lies ahead of them, and the spirits that protect them. I've found that even the most skeptical folks are interested in what I see, feel, or sense about them.

However, there are often misconceptions about what psychic readings actually entail and how you can use them for personal growth. Here are five do's and don'ts to keep in mind if you're considering getting a reading:

1. DON'T concern yourself with timelines.

Psychics frequently struggle with timing. In my experience of giving and getting readings, I've noticed that psychic timing is only about 50 percent accurate. They may make a prediction, and the outcome will happen, but it might happen a few months, or even a year or two, later than predicted. I've noticed that I very rarely get a prediction wrong, but it just might happen at a different time, since time in the astral plane is different from time in the physical one.

The universe has an amazing imagination, and there are hundreds of possibilities that could make you happy.

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2. DON'T control the outcome.

The universe has an amazing imagination and there are hundreds of possibilities that could make you happy. When people come to see me for a reading, they often focus on sensual outcomes, asking what the future will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like. They'd be better off using divine guidance as a map that offers guidance through infinite scenarios. You probably have thousands of potential soul mates, hundreds of paths to be successful, and thousands of life purposes. Open your heart and mind to the many ways your outcome will be in your highest good, and you'll stop focusing on what you think you want.

3. DO ask good questions.

A good psychic should always be able to bring through information without asking many leading questions. However, you should always have a focus in mind for your session. Come with a list of questions, topics, or people that you want to discuss. Asking a psychic "What do you see for me?" is a bit like asking a historian to tell you about history or a scientist to tell you about science.

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4. DO remember that you're inherently intuitive.

We are all born with a natural ability to connect with our intuition. Most of us probably never need to consult a psychic in our life if we just learned to listen to our inner knowledge. Remember that your intuition is innate, and you were born with it.

5. DO get to know your psychic.

Every psychic has a certain specialty or focus, and they all connect differently with different people. The vibe and connection between the psychic and the sitter is crucial. You might have a great reading with a psychic while a friend might go and not feel so connected to them. Get to know the way your psychic works, and learn more about their areas of focus.

Enjoy your reading, and I'll see you "in the future"!

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