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A Healing Breathwork For Releasing Traumatic Memories

Release Traumatic Memories In One Minute With This Healing Breathwork

Many of us have gone through upsetting childhood experiences that continue to stir up emotional pain into adulthood. When we don't fully heal these distressing memories, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, they become wounds we carry around for the rest of our lives. Certain targeted techniques show promise in helping people work through the shame and trauma stored in the body, including this simple breathwork:

  1. Sit in a quiet spot where you won't be interrupted. Breathe deeply and remember an unhappy memory that is a source of shame. Visualize every detail and recall all the uncomfortable emotions—the loneliness, fear, anger, and anxiety.
  2. Notice any resistance that may arise. If that if it feels too much, though, try it again another day.
  3. Take some more deep breaths and repeat affirmations like, "It's safe for me to feel all my emotions."
  4. Once you're fully entrenched in those uncomfortable feelings, imagine that you are a positive force going back in time to comfort your younger self. You embody complete peace, tranquillity, security, and, most of all, love.
  5. Picture yourself as a child and see how vulnerable you truly were in that moment. Hover over your wounded self and bathe him or her in a soothing white-yellow light. Hug your younger self tightly and kiss him or her on the cheek.
  6. Finally, say to your child self, "You are loved. You are worthy. You matter." Repeat those words so you can really feel the truth of them: "You are loved. You are worthy. You matter."
  7. Take some more deep breaths, inhaling love and acceptance for yourself. And so much healing.
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