Miranda Kerr's Diet, Fitness, & Beauty Regimen Is Something We Can Definitely Get Behind

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Miranda Kerr's Diet, Fitness, & Beauty Regimen Is Something We Can Definitely Get Behind
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Sure, Miranda Kerr is a super #blessed supermodel, but she does indulge her cravings—including triple-cream goat cheese, french fries, and homemade apple pie—from time to time. Yes, for real. So, how does she stay in such amazing shape?

Well, according to her cover story in Australian magazine Gritty Pretty as reported by Yahoo!, the former Victoria’s Secret angel lives by the 80/20 diet—which is really more like a lifestyle than a diet.

The idea of 80/20, conceived by nutritionist Teresa Cutter, is pretty simple: Eat nutritious foods 80 percent of the time, and eat less healthy foods the other 20 percent. It's a great way to practice moderation and balance instead of being super strict.

“I try my best to eat healthy, organic foods 80 percent of the time but it’s also important not to deprive yourself of things because then you just crave it more and rather than eating one piece of chocolate, you’ll devour the whole block,” Kerr tells Gritty Pretty.

Another way Kerr stays so fit, she said in an interview with Byrdie, is squats, Pilates, and yoga—specifically Kundalini.

"I believe in doing squats whenever you can. If you can just do 10 squats when you think about it, that’s a good way to remember and get exercise incorporated into your day. Otherwise, I love Pilates and yoga.

My favorite type of yoga is Kundalini. It’s really great for the mind-and-body connection. It’s something that feels very nurturing to me."

Just as much as she keeps up with her physical health, Kerr tends to her mental health, using products from her organic skin care line KORA.

"Speaking of nurturing, we have at Kora an essence that the leading aromatherapist made for me when I was going through a really hard time," she said. "After Orlando and I separated, I went through quite a bit of depression, and she made this remedy for me, and it’s now part of my range, called the Heart Chakra Essence."

And, as you can expect from someone who started her own skin care line, she's got a pretty good trick for taking care of her skin.

"The one thing about Australia that is so beautiful is the ocean. You instantly feel refreshed," she said. "I also am obsessed with scrubbing my body with the sand when I’m at home. It feels like it really exfoliates the skin well."

So, to sum up how to look and feel like Miranda Kerr: Eat healthy most of the time but don't completely bar yourself from your favorite not-so-healthy treats (e.g. triple-cream goat cheese), do some squats, Pilates, and Kundalini yoga, douse yourself in a heart-chakra-opening essence, and be sure to rub sand all over your skin. Honestly, it doesn't sound half bad.

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