An Energizing Breathing Exercise To Wake You Up — No Matter How Late You Went To Bed

Caley Alyssa is an international yoga teacher whose practice helped her transform her life and realize her dreams. This week, we’re sharing her expertise on how you can start your own practice or deepen your existing one. To learn more, check out her new mindbodygreen course, 28 Days to Yoga Bliss: The Fundamentals, Poses, and Breathwork You Need to Know.

Yoga is about more than just poses on a mat. The fourth limb of yoga is called pranayama, and it’s all about the regulation of breath. What’s amazing about it is that once you learn to control your breath, you gain control of your mind, too.

Here, I will demonstrate one of the most common breathing techniques used in pranayama, called kapalabhati, or “skull-shining breath.” This is a great pose to practice first thing in the morning because it helps shake off sluggishness and really energize you for the day. Give it a try and see for yourself!