How I Meditate: Former Media Executive Tal Rabinowitz

Photo by Tal Rabinowitz

After almost 20 years as a media executive, Tal Rabinowitz changed gears and recently opened The DEN Meditation studio in Los Angeles. Essentially, The DEN is dedicated to making meditation simple for beginners and providing a comfortable environment to get started. Find out how she meditates every day.

Where do you meditate?

I meditate at my new mediation studio, The DEN Meditation, located in Los Angeles. But when I'm not at the studio I will meditate in my bedroom at home.


I meditate when I wake up and I practice meditation when I'm getting ready to go to sleep as well.

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What type of meditation do you practice?

I practice mantra-based meditation (I have learned Transcendental Meditation) and mindfulness.

Why do you meditate?

I meditate because it makes me feel more like me. I find that meditation makes you have a clearer sense of who you are and what your purpose is. It takes away a lot of uncertainty and questions.

Props used?

I use my chatter zafu when I meditate and I also like to wear warm hats.

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What is your advice to people who are new to meditation and can't sit still?

Do a little bit at a time; don’t be hard on yourself. EVERYONE has bad days meditating.

What if they still can't get started?

If you can't get started on your own and you're in the LA area, come to The DEN Meditation. I promise we will help you!

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