My Yoga Practice Playlist: Charlie Samos

My playlist for classes vary from good ol' rock & roll, to reggae and folk -- often beginning and ending with instrumental music from different native lands. Music itself can change the mood of the class and I try and make the  playlist coincide with the mood I want at that particular moment in class.  Songs can be uplifting or inspiring, powerful, and stirring. They can also engulf and enlighten, causing a spiritual response that will often lead the student into a relaxed, soul searching mood. The right music will say, what our minds can not say, but what our hearts feel. 

1. Becoming Human  ~ Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai (Amazon)
2. Buffalo Chips ~ Burning Sky (Amazon)
3. Hearts and Bones ~ Paul Simon (YouTube)
4. Flying ~ The Beatles (YouTube)
5. War No More ~ Christopher Hawley Rollers (Amazon)
6. Blessed ~ Brett Dennen (Amazon)
7. Mary On My Mind ~ Venice (Amazon)
8. Old 'N in the Way ~ Tom Freund (Amazon)
9. The Barricades of Heaven ~ Jackson Browne (Amazon)
10. Here Comes the Sun ~ The Beatles (YouTube)
11. Help Me ~ Joni Mitchell (Amazon)
12. A Simple Man ~ Burning Sky (Amazon)
13. Collapsible Plans (Sugar) ~ Tom Freund (iTunes web)
14. End Of The World ~ Venice (Amazon)
15. Desert Sunrise ~ Brett Dennen (Amazon)
16. Something In The Way She Moves ~ James Taylor (Amazon)
17. Enlightenment ~ Van Morrison (Amazon)
18. No Woman, No Cry ~ Peter Rowan (YouTube)
19. Love Is My Religion (acoustic) ~ Ziggy Marley (Amazon)
20. Freedom ~ Buddhattitude (Amazon)
21. Calling Wisdom  ~ Karunesh (Amazon)

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