Watch How American Family Dinners Have Evolved Since 1915

Go set the table — it's dinnertime.

Though every family's dining routine is different, video production company Mode managed to find some common themes amongst American dinner tables.

Their most recent short film shows how family dinner has evolved over the last 100 years by highlighting popular options from each decade. The historically-minded foodie's dream starts off in 1915 with classic beef and potatoes, travels through time with some not-so-stellar looking plates (creamed chipped beef, anyone?) and concludes with today's most beloved dish: grilled salmon over quinoa and kale salad, of course!

While some of their dinner recaps are spot on, others are a little more subjective. As a child of the 90s, I can totally attest to the popularity of Taco Tuesday, but I don't remember the early 2000s being particularly sushi-centric. Regardless, the video is a fun take on how American palettes have transformed over time.

So sit back, grab a TV dinner, and watch 100 years of eating unfold.

h/t Eater

Screengrab via Youtube/ Mode

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