The Surprising Way To Heal Your Gut (Infographic)

Let's say you're already eating clean but still suffering with bloat, constipation, or any other chronic gut issue. What's the best way to heal?

It's not probiotics. It's not even diet related.

We now know that gut bacteria send signals to the brain that influence how well we sleep, how much we stress — even our mood and memory, and vice versa!

This pathway is called the gut-brain axis, and it’s the mind-body connection we've intuitively known for a long time, but could only prove conclusively recently.

When our gut is in balance, it makes us feel calmer and better overall; some studies say fixing stress can also fix the gut. This connection is so important, in fact, that some serious brain problems are actually treated with medications for the gut.

The bottom line: You can fix your diet and still struggle with gut issues because you may not have addressed the gut-brain connection. Use this simple infographic, which describes a straightforward (yet overlooked) way to heal your gut, to help you start!

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