13 More Variations That Will Make You Love Burpees (Video)

Can't stand the thought of burpees? Does the idea make you want to unlace your sneakers and dive into bed? Well, do you realize they're 100% portable, 100% free and 100% effective?

I wasn't kidding when I told you I loved a good burpee session, so here I am, back with 13 more awesome variations on the classic move. These modifications can alter the tried-and-true burpee so it's more focused on strength, cardio, plyo, core or anything else you might want to focus on. I will turn pretty much anything into a burpee if I can. So, here's my weekend gift to you ... happy Friday!

Take It Back Burpees

Start standing, then come into your regular burpee (hands down, hop back, push-up). When you get to this step, walk your hands back to your feet and stand up. Hop up and backwards, then repeat.

V-Up Burpee

Standing, bring hands to the ground, step or hop back, lower into a push-up, then lower to the ground. Roll over onto your butt and simultaneously lift your feet and arms to touch in the air (a V-up). Roll back onto hands and feet, push up to standing, jump up, repeat.

Side Crunch Burpees

Standing, bring hands to the ground, step or hop back, lower into a push-up, raise back up to plank, then roll to the right and come into a side plank. Your hand should be directly under your shoulder with legs engaged and your left hand straight up. Bring your top knee to your top elbow in a side crunch. Roll back to plank, step or hop forward, stand and jump up, then repeat alternating sides.

Slide & Walk Burpees

Standing, bring hands to ground, step or hop back, lower into a push-up, return to plank, then plank walk sideways to the right as far over as you want. When you get to the "edge," finish the burpee (step or hop up, jump). Then, shuffle back to the left so you return to where you started. Repeat as many times as you'd like, then go the opposite direction.

Hi/Lo Sprinter Burpee

Start in plank, then drive one knee at a time into your chest for three sets of mountain climbers. Pull the right leg forward and set the foot down, then drive up into a sprinter hop, lifting the left knee. Land back down and go into mountain climbers again. Repeat on the same side or step the left foot forward to change sides.

Split Squat Burpee

Start with your right foot on the floor and left foot on a bench/box behind you so you're in a modified lunge. Carefully jump up, then drop your hands to the ground as you bring your right foot up and behind you onto the box (or hovering above it for a more advanced move). Do a push-up. Bring your right foot back to a lunge. Switch sides.

Building Burpee

Here, we start with the basics, then build on. Do a full burpee (one step/hop back, one push-up, one jump). Then for your second round, add a rep to each step (two step/hop backs, two push-ups, two jumps). Keep adding on until you get to five.

Block Jump Burpee

Start standing with a yoga block between your thighs and squeeze firmly. Lower into a squat and either stay here or add a hop as you come up (keep squeezing the block!). When you land from the jump, move through a full burpee, all with the block in place.

Medicine Ball Slam Burpees

Start with a medicine ball slam: Raise the ball above your head, then slam it down into the ground. When the ball hits the ground, keep your hands planted on it and jump back into a burpee (the push-up is optional). Return to standing with the ball over your head and repeat.

Hop Squats Burpee

You'll need a resistance band anchored low for this one: Face the anchor point and step back as far as you can without being pulled in or snapping your band. Hop your feet out wide and squat down. Quickly come up and hop your right foot in, back out, quickly squat, then hop your left foot in, back out quickly squat (like hopscotch). Continue in until your band is almost slack, then drop into a burpee (keeping your hands on the resistance band). Hop back up and reverse the movements to the starting position.

Pull Up Burpee

Start with a regular burpee behind/undera pull up bar. Then, instead of jumping at the top of the burpee, hop up onto the bar and do a pull up. REpeat.

Step & Climber Burpee

Start with a box or step to your left, then step your left foot up onto it, drive up and hop, bringing your right knee up. Land back down and take the left foot off the box as you step back into a plank with your left hand on the box, right hand on the floor. Do four mountain climbers. Step the right foot up to the hands and the left foot back on the box to repeat. Switch sides.

Pike & Tuck Burpees

Start standing, then come into your regular burpee (hands down, hop back, push-up, plank). In a plank, pike your hips up as your hop your feet into your hands. Hope back to plank, bending knees slightly when you land. Jump back up to your hands, plant your feet and jump back into a tuck (knees to chest). Land and go right back into it.

Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison, Ph.D., is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. Teaching fitness...
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Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison, Ph.D., is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock,...
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